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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

The black magic hex which is cast for blocking the victim’s earnings can be done at any stage of his/her life. It can be done on office goers as well as businessmen. Sometimes when the black magician gets a chance to pounce upon the victim, the latter may be on the verge of starting his or her career. So the enemy gets a golden opportunity of destroying the victim’s career in its budding stage.

It is a pity that sometimes the victim or his family is unable to realize that they are being targeted through black magic. Despite being highly educated and having a career oriented approach in life, many victims of black magic end up being nobody. Some others may be lucky enough to become shopkeepers. Others may have to do petty jobs to make both ends meet. Such victims fail to realize what went wrong in their life and they often end up blaming themselves and feeling guilty without any fault of theirs. 

In one such case, all the three sons of a woman were subjected to a black magic hex, meant to block their jobs. It can be quite a heart- wrenching situation for any mother to see her grown up sons sit at home and twiddle their thumbs. What adds fuel to the fire is that besides facing a financial crisis the victims also have to face social ostracism and ignominy- without any fault of theirs. After all, how can the outsiders understand the root of their problem? So the victim ends up being blamed in an unjustified way.

Depending upon the situation, black magicians can use different sort of tricks to dampen the spirit of the victim. In some cases the victim’s mind drifts away from their goal. They gradually lose interest and their focus shifts away from their goals. So a person who might be working day in and day out for becoming, say, a writer, might feel fed up at the thought of writing. This kind of abrupt change in one’s behavior or personality is a sure shot sign of trouble brewing somewhere. It calls for a spiritual check up more than anything else because it is only when the black magic entities manage to hypnotize the victim that an erratic behavior is noticed in the victim.

In some other cases, though the victims may be determined to succeed yet every time they feel that they are about to reach the winning post something goes wrong at the last moment. Sadly enough, all their plans go awry and they are back to square one.

Laxity on the part of the victim helps the black magician and the enemy to emerge triumphant. The latter manage to drain the victim financially and they also rob him of his precious time. A few jobless years are enough to throw anyone’s life out of gear.

This problem is not avoidable because we cannot stop the envious lot from envying us, the enemies from plotting against us or the black magicians from casting a hex on us. All that we can do is to remain vigilant, keep our plans confidential instead of disclosing them to unreliable people, getting on our toes on getting a whiff of black magic activity and getting oneself cleansed of black magic.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...

Assalam o alikum,
My family is also a victim of black magic.we contacted many people but nothing happened.my elder brother is 45 years old but still unmarried.my face is getting dark spots.pimples problems throughout the year.i tried many creams but no cure.i also used homeopathic but my face got more problems .the same homeopathic used my sister and she got good results.then why not for me.i m very worried.i dont want to suffer any psychological complex.plz advice something for my face.something strong.and tell me about yourself.how can u help me in other issues.

hakim said...

Dear soname sahib:
My daughter's in-laws today had decided to divorce her and said to me that the dowry etc., .take back and jewellery they gave to her should be sent to them back. Can you please help me in this respect?

tasmeena said...

As salam ai lai kum ,

Amel I'm 30 yrs working woman my husband was good before our marriage he is now also good but something or the problem will be there we have 3 kids 1 boy(9yrs) 2 girls 1 is 3yrs and the other is 7 mnth i dont no wht happens to him ezch time he'll fakk with loss of lot of money each everytime i help him but no use im very nuch fedup of him i shold only look after my family but he was not like this before how much ever i tell he wont put to his hear. Please help me

fathima said...

Assalamoalaikum amel soname sahab

My husband is afflicted with jaadu and due to this we are suffering very badly past one year.
Business has shut down and closed completely, we are in lot and lot of debts and have lost all assets and completely broke.
He is also suffering physically and has lot and lot of pains in entire body.

Please let me know if you can cure him of this jaadu.
And what all details should I send you.


grill said...

I was reading your article about black magic and found it helpful.
I am a restaurant owner having two restaurants one is doing great but the new one is giving us financial loss.
Two local priests confirmed the possibilities of some unwanted things of the same kind so i believed and start doing what they said. Till date i have done each and every thing they said but no results.
We are hindu from India and I am unable to understand the arabic or urdu language.
Can you please provide us the mantra or what you say in urdu translated version. It will be very helpful.

ilyas said...


My father was a heart patient. He was suffering problems in taking breathing.

His problems were 1. Dry throat

2. Pain on chest
3. Unable to take respiration or difficulty in breathing
4. Severe hungry after taking something with an hour
Please clarify me he suffering with any type of black magic or not.

jyoti said...

sir i have got married in 2013 my husband loves me a lot but now from on year he hates me and does not even want to talk to me and send me my mothers home he want divorce but i still love i do not want divorce to my husband my in law are always force me to take divorce .i do not now what happen to me they abuse me beet me but still i want to be with them or rather i die .i have no control on my heart .on the other side my sister in law who`s children are of my age want to marry me and force my parents for that i do not want to marry him my sister died because of him what should i do please help me.

sandeep said...

Hi Sir,

i sandeep need ur help to break jaadu . actually one of my friend needs ur help to get her wife back some1 has did jaadu on her and distruct their 5 years long relationship.

saba said...

Aoa, sir my name saba .I need ur help under the light of rohani ilam. But I don't know how I can contact nd how tel u problem. Please tell me the procedure to contact and share problems

rehmat said...

Asslamu alaikum. Someone has done black magic on me and my family. It could be more than one person. I wanna know who that person is. Is there any way of finding out? Please help me. Thank you.

Sana said...

Respected amel sahab,

I came across your blog website regarding guidance through wazifa.

I read one wazifa as suggested by you on a website to ask for help from Allah SWT to show me if there is something hidden against me in dirt and to get rid of any evil effects.Surah Naas 41 times with Durood e shareef 11 times before and after. I read this daily for about 11 days after Isha namaaz.

It was mentioned that this wazifa should not be read for more than 21 days. I did not read it during my menses and somedays when I missed reading it, I read it twice next day.Can I read it anytime or has to be same time?

Amel sahab my neeyat and intention to read this is only protection of myself,my family members and my relationship with my husband.Am I right in doing this wazifa? Do I need permission in reading this? Can I read it daily for 21 days and take a break and read again or read Surah Ikhlas next time or read Surah Falaq next time alternatively? I want to seek Allah's help through wazifa daily, am I right in doing so? There was a phase I was going through in which I was getting mad in myself and lots of other worries.

I felt my mind and heart were at peace whilst reading this wazifa and that I was not having a lot of worry/ bad thoughts.

Amel Sahab, I have one issue with myself since a long time, I intend to do something but I end up not putting that effort and doing that thing as I had intended to do so. This is in regards to my worship, studies and other things in life.Please tell me what can I read to become consistent in doing things sincerely, doing my deeds on time and with effort. I feel there is obstruction from my nafs/shaitaan/ I dont know from where to start my work and complete it. I want to become closer to Allah and work hard on my deeds and do the righteous thing with goo faith and effort.

Please let me know how can I improve? I need to study for my profession and I also want to worship Allah equally apart from my work and studies.

Please help me amel sahab regarding this and the wazifa.

Allah Hafiz

Afzal said...

Dear Brother

Asssalamu alaikum. I would like to get help from you. I having problem black magic spell. I always see something coming to my right foot nail. I don't know how to remove it. I always pray to allah about my problem. Hope you can help me. I listening your dua for black magic spell removal.

Hope to hear from you soon

sabrina said...

Assalam Walaikum,

My name is Sabrina Idris. I am now almost 30 years of age, working in an International Organization. My parents have been trying for my marriage since 2012. As I am financially independent, I try to help my parents from my earnings like my other sisters do. As days passed, somehow it is now like not even a single marriage proposal comes for me. Those which comes do not match anyway. Besides, my health started being wrong but no pathological tests comes out with any kind of disease or any wrong. Tension keeps surrounding me always. Even since last couple of months, my job situation started deteriorating.
Finally my older sister called someone who revealed a shocking truth!!
As my workplace is on other town, I live with one of my sisters; her mother in law also lives here with us. She spelled a black magic on me to stop my marriage!! She wants to see my sister in trouble and that's why she did this. In this process, she also spelled to deteriorate my physical and mental health.
The sufi who revealed this had given me a taweez, written with Surah Falak, Surah Naas and 33 ayaat from Surah Ar- Rahmaan. He also asked me to taswee "Ya Fattahu Ya esem" followed by Fajr salaat. I am continuing this remedy for last month. He told that the result will come by a span of 33 days, but no result found yet.
My family arranged to meet a suitor through a friend; we liked each other, but he is 2 years younger than me, he is afraid his parents may refuge!! But we both know this is not a bad match at all, and allowed in Islam too. The sufi told that suitors will be confused in case of marrying me as an affect of the spell.
Now we both want this match to work and my family is also willing for this match.
I want to come out of this spell as my age is running out. Please help me.

Anonymous said...

Aapka article padha mujhe bachpan se koi cheez mahsus hoti hai Jo
mujhe pasand karta hai. He sing for me being romantic and having
intercourse with me. He talk with me also and never disclose his
identity. He said his name is iltumasim. I think its a devil having.
He can possess on my body and can change my thoughts. I got married
after a very big fight with him and blessings of makdoom shah baba.
But he put my character down toward my husband. My husband love me lot
but he strictly hate bad character person. Now this devil prove me
characterless towards my husband and my husband want to give me
divorce. I need help to get rid of this devil. Plz do favor me.may
Allah bless you.

Anonymous said...

Your website is very useful for proving information about healing power of Quran ,
I did like to share my story of panic attacks and how imam overcoming of it
am 21 yr old from past 6 month I had the dirt and toilet phobia when in see the dirt I starter feeling scary then after few months even I didn't wanted to think about that but those things start coming in my thoughts and gave me unreasonable stress after a Monty I had the panik attack my heart beat become fater and I feelk some thing bad happened on my head also then in had 2more panic attacks when I was alone in my house I had feeling of extreme fear unreasonable this resulted in lack of concentration in my work and lack of interest in life now this month I stared feeling dizzy as I am daily reading namaz and Quran I am feeling a change I am feeling improvement in my self , but not recovered completely please give me a solution for it thankyou

anas said...

Assalamualaikum .....Dear admin of blog.... please help me out from this B.M.
i think my bad luck is going more bad time by time.
i dont nw how to upome from this B.M.
i am suffering from 2009 when i passed my schooling and i have bright
future and during the 12th class exam, things going to change.. i was
good even best in studies in 12th class and teachers are thinking for
me to become the head boy of the school but, sudnly my progres in evry
field of study as wel as in my life.. i dont nw wt was xactly heppning
with me those days.and i become bad student in my school.and me and my
family still suffring from B.M.
and i came to nw about B.M. on us by your blogs help.B.M. syptoms and etc.
more than the half or more ...the symptoms are in me according to your
blogs. plz give me the solution allah k waste..plz help me ASAP...

khatera said...

I found your web online and saw that you have made a lot of good prayers for bandish but I couldn't found any for marriage I was wondering if one has bandish in marriage what suras to recite for it that will in sha Allah get ride of marriage bandish with my Allah swt's help I believe in taweez n staff but prayers please reply to me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amel ji,

Just now I read ur blog about black magic, pls I m in great trouble.
My son who is 17 years old has tried suicide twice in last one month. Just yestetday he did again.
Symptoms described by u is the same with him.
Pls give me your contact number i wabt to meet u urgently.

Pls for God shake help me.

Anonymous said...

Mohtaram amel sahab
I m trying to make summary of my problem if you give your contact number then it would be better then i will be comfortable in discussing my problem in detail each and everything well my problem is that i live in uk with my husband for two and a half year we have a kid and he fraudulently bring us to Pakistan and abandoned us and took our passports and then we try to contact that what he did is wrong and he should take us after many conversions he decide to divorce me and he divorce me which hurts me deep heatedly its looks that happen due to an evil plan because divorce was due to unvalid reason and i never ever expect that my husband will betray me and left us alone there is black dot come in front of my eye for one year which is knot like can you please tell me a dua that my husband take us back i m hurted alot i want the father of my child back and tell me the reason of black dot please if you give your contact number it would be alot better.

fatima said...

Assalamu alaikum.

Jazakallah khairan , I found ur blog quite useful. Please how can one get good professional help of practitioners who can remove or break very very strong black magic and evil jinns.? I am in nigeria. Thank you.

taiba said...

Assalam Alaikum,

I saw your blog about black magic. Could you tell me how to find out which type of magic you are being affected by please

JazakAllah Khair

Anonymous said...

Dear Sabrina

Sorry to hear your problem. But you know sometimes even people cant do anything when destiny is settled. You haven't mention anything whether you had other relationship before or not. In case a person is not sure about his strong desire for having you, might not be the right choice for you. Even if you have broken anything before you might rethink what is right and what's not. Love comes from heaven not through black magic.