Wednesday, 23 April 2014


 Assalam oalaikum,

One of the common black magic induced problems prevalent in the society is that the marriage prospects of a girl or a boy are stealthily trampled. In many cases, the underlying problem is not identified which leads to lot of unpleasantness. All the marriage proposals which may come one’s way seem to go haywire, one after the other. Enmity and envy are the main but not the only reasons why such spells are cast on the victims to obstruct their marriage prospects. The other main reason why such spells are worked on the victims is the money factor.

Now the question that would arise is that how can preventing the victim from getting married be lucrative for someone else? The answer lies in the phrase, ‘One man’s loss is another man’s gain’. Now to understand how this happens we may have to observe some true incidences.

·         A man happened to be conned into marriage by a girl through black magic, but as luck would have it, he did not have any inkling about this. Many years passed by yet his younger brother never got married. He showed no inclination towards getting married at all. The reason? Well, his brother’s wife had a black magic hex cast on him with the help of a tantric in order to block his marriage prospects. The motive was simple and clear. She did not want his brother-in-law to get married and then have children so that she could usurp his share of property.

·         In a similar case of two brothers, the elder brother’s wife feared that if her brother-in-law gets married and has children then the property will be divided amongst more people, thereby diminishing her share. She needed someone’s help for hiding the taweez under a heavy object. So she fooled her sister-in-law by saying that she has brought a taweez for bringing both the brothers closer and for creating peace and harmony between them. Consequently, the younger brother started rejecting every proposal which came his way.

Whatever the motive behind casting such hex spells the consequence is always the same, i.e. the victim loses interest in getting married. They offer different excuses before their family to avoid marriage because the black magic jinnat cunningly plant negative thoughts in their minds regarding the idea of marriage.

So the marital bliss of the victim gets sacrificed on the altar of someone’s greed. These cases become successful mostly because of unawareness about black magic or due to trusting people blindly. Therefore, in order to avoid getting duped in this way one should practice caution. 

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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My son Omair has been sick for a few years with a chronic illness but recently his blood report were even worse. He is on medication for his illness for 5 years. He is 16 years old and lives in the USA. My name is Ambreen and I am his mother. Do you see any reason as to why he is not getting better.

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