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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


 Assalam oalaikum,

One of the common black magic induced problems prevalent in the society is that the marriage prospects of a girl or a boy are stealthily trampled. In many cases, the underlying problem is not identified which leads to lot of unpleasantness. All the marriage proposals which may come one’s way seem to go haywire, one after the other. Enmity and envy are the main but not the only reasons why such spells are cast on the victims to obstruct their marriage prospects. The other main reason why such spells are worked on the victims is the money factor.

Now the question that would arise is that how can preventing the victim from getting married be lucrative for someone else? The answer lies in the phrase, ‘One man’s loss is another man’s gain’. Now to understand how this happens we may have to observe some true incidences.

·         A man happened to be conned into marriage by a girl through black magic, but as luck would have it, he did not have any inkling about this. Many years passed by yet his younger brother never got married. He showed no inclination towards getting married at all. The reason? Well, his brother’s wife had a black magic hex cast on him with the help of a tantric in order to block his marriage prospects. The motive was simple and clear. She did not want his brother-in-law to get married and then have children so that she could usurp his share of property.

·         In a similar case of two brothers, the elder brother’s wife feared that if her brother-in-law gets married and has children then the property will be divided amongst more people, thereby diminishing her share. She needed someone’s help for hiding the taweez under a heavy object. So she fooled her sister-in-law by saying that she has brought a taweez for bringing both the brothers closer and for creating peace and harmony between them. Consequently, the younger brother started rejecting every proposal which came his way.

Whatever the motive behind casting such hex spells the consequence is always the same, i.e. the victim loses interest in getting married. They offer different excuses before their family to avoid marriage because the black magic jinnat cunningly plant negative thoughts in their minds regarding the idea of marriage.

So the marital bliss of the victim gets sacrificed on the altar of someone’s greed. These cases become successful mostly because of unawareness about black magic or due to trusting people blindly. Therefore, in order to avoid getting duped in this way one should practice caution. 

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


Ambreen said...

My son Omair has been sick for a few years with a chronic illness but recently his blood report were even worse. He is on medication for his illness for 5 years. He is 16 years old and lives in the USA. My name is Ambreen and I am his mother. Do you see any reason as to why he is not getting better.

nazeer said...

Assalam u alkum
I am sick since many years .I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.But I think I am victim of black magic.

Now a days sometimes I get uncontrollable anger due to which my relationship with others get strained.

I want to know what's the way to know either I am victim of black magic or I have mental illness?
And there is any way to get cure of black magic permanently?

Anonymous said...

Salamun Alaykum,

My wife is affected with black magic. We got married before 1.5 years before. We both are in different countries. During marriage I stayed with her for 50 days but I couldn't have sex with her because of her menses. She used to get 10-15 days menses than it got stop again after 1 or 2 days it got start. 50 days spent like this.
After marriage I went to my place for 3 times, each and every 3 times when I reached at my place her menses got started and when I went back to other country on the same day it got stop.
I got dought so I asked her to ask my sister in law to check with maulana.
Maulana told that someone send engagement proposal to her, my mother in law(She is no more) had rejected that proposal. So one who send proposal he had applied black magic on my wife.
He applied black magic like my wife will not have good relationship with the one with whom she will get marry and his family members.I could'nt have sex with her so I think this magic is also done by that guy.
So please help me to remove this black magic from my wife.

If I give mine and my wife's full name then can you check it what type of black magic exactly it is.
Looking forward for your positive reply.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Assalamu aalaikum...brother ...i and my all family members are very hazardous situation for the black magic .....two or three people doing black magic on us and it is very constant. .now we have no means where we go ...so i have to do King Yaktanosh amol...
So please give me the details of that amal so that i can do...

elhadj said...

Salamu aleykum,

i foumd your postings on how to break spells very interesting. I want to start doing the amal for breaking magic blocking sustenance, can i do all the ayats with their numbers in one sitting?

rizwana said...


I have read a few articles you wrote on black magic. Wonder if you can help me please.

I have a friend whose wife made him believe that I have done some black magic on them, I have never I my life did anything such.

How can I prove my innocence, I haven’t done anything but except Allah (SWT) how can I prove him my innocence.
The thing that came on his wife spelled out my name and that I am doing all this to them. I helped him so much in his bad times and today this is how I am rewarded.

Jasmine said...

Salamat Amel,

Is it ok if I share my story with you?
I have just skimmed through your website which is very informative for a victim like me. I just have an ongoing trouble accepting the idea of bright children having their futures potentially in the hands of these evil people. This happened to my mum when she was growing up as a teenager and eight years of her life were spent with demonic possession until she was healed at 19 and got her mind back. I was once talking to a muslim on an Islamic chat at how God can do this to people and take their education or futures away from them and his reply was simply the goal of Jannah and whatever we want and desire is there and it lasts forever, eradicating this sense of loss and despair we face in this temporary abode. My mum telling me her traumatic high school story impacted on me as a high school student as I have been affected by something spiritual for 6 years and counting (by what I know) and a spell that was cast on me three years ago. I am nothing short of devastated and let down again and again as a spiritual healer in the Middle East keeps promising me he has helped me and that everything is undone-which I can testify is not true. I am anxious but some days are worse than others. My family keep telling me that I need to practise islam 100% and stick to the whole routine but I fall into a helpless spiral of despair and a feeling of loss as I pessimistically thing to myself, ‘why do i have to struggle just to think, breathe and function like a normal person?” Isn’t that a right? What kind of an ask is that? And for three years, my mind has been riddled with anxiety, terrifying thoughts and abnormal feelings-in conjunction with school. When the feelings temporarily subside and I reach some level of normality, I understand my hardship and the purpose of everything. However, things are not going well for me right now and my thinking process is jumbled’ I cannot see the purpose or reward of my test and this hardship, but the problem itself. The problem is my education and school being affected by paranormal problems and I cannot just say that I will get it all back in Jannah because school is important! I cannot let go of everything in my life and this Dunya, so what do I do? it is extremely overwhelming for a young, sensitive teenager like me that feels compelled to pretend and lie to herself and the world that its just ‘stress’ and not a recognised problem I can visit the doctor for and find an answer to.

If your able to find the room in your heart to listen, believe and reply to me, then I pray for Allah to reward you. Just any thoughts, references and advice you can give me that can help me get in the right perspective. I have been deceived by false listeners and want nothing more than an honest and sincere Muslim to talk to about what I think to be the worst possible problem anyone can experience.

Nissar said...

Salamvalaikum Hazrat,

My name is Nissar residing in mumbai i am basically from Karnataka (Bijapur), Its been 5 years have been married
anything is not working in my life , No children no peace of mind frequent fights no children till date wife abuses me and my family and many more problems approcahed many people on this some say aseb hai and some say attitude hai and all ....
if you dont mind can i meet you personally i will be thankful
Please save my marriage and family going through terrible phase on life after fathers wafat

riaz said...


Dear amel, I need your help regarding my son. He is my only child. He is 24 years old. He is highly educated and have a good job. He is a very good looking young man. We live in Canada and are quite wealthy family. My son was engaged to my brother's daughter but for family reasons, we had to end this engagement. My brother is a so called "pir" and claims that my son will never get married. We have been trying for about 3 years now but no success. We in the family strongly believe that he has done something to block my son's marriage. Can you please help me breaking whatever he has done?. Thank you. God bless you.

momina said...

my name is momina. im currently very upset because i have got engaged last year and now there some serious clashes going on. i dont know whats wrong also i have completed my studies last year im still jobles.. im getting into depression day by day. kindly let me know aisa kyun horaha. meri himmat khatam hoti ja rahi hai. kia meri shadi hogi. job hogi? meri engagment toot toh nahi jayegi

sajjad said...

Asslam - O - Alaikum

I read your article and surprise because i have problem with my wife my daughter also since my marriage with my wife, I tried to get more medical treatment and so many places Molana Shabeer farooq qadri, and Dawat e islamic web side but for few days they feel the best but after other one doing black magic or what I don't know we are all suffering from since my marriage please nowadays my daughter also weeping for the pain and cannot continue her study all night and days too much in trouble and my wife not disclose me nowadays because for my tension, your are requested that please for God Sack help me and our family to resolve this issue to save our life with black magic etc for all time because i spend all time more money and waist also our time in this way please with the help of Allah Help us

Anonymous said...

hi,my dear friends
I heard you're very well versed and helping people
I have 3 great problem
1- My wife is suffering from multiple sclerosis(MS)
2- My son (1999/03/31) is very religious so ,Thinks education is a sin, even though the was very studious and intelligent ,has left school
3- Greetings from the beginning of life, if I liked what I was trying to get it should be, force prevented my favorite thing I would like to be .almost love and Friendship Soon to be bad
every body tell me you are mental medium
I get affected by others very easily and also I accept negative energies and negative vibrations from others very easily, also any type of magic affect me and this disturb me a lot and also affected my business, financial situation and personal life, also there are many people who are very jealous of me and I got affected by evil and wicked people very easily, Also specially any thing good for me may do never happens but instead opposite only happens and this made trouble me a lot
I often miss opportunities that come to me and Importantly, when looking forward to what I love most (especially sex), get headache, and get restless and making disorient the target , But I have no problem in practice sex and can do very perfect
Please help and lead me

Gagan said...

Dear Sir,

I am Gagan.We have been married for past 11 years now and have 2 childern girl of age 11 years years and boy of age 4+ years. My wife works in an MNC in noida. In last week of December 2016, through one of her colleagues I got to know that she has been in an affair with one of her colleagues in office, later found her chats on whatsapp with that colleague. We discussed it with her father and brother and came to a decision that she can work from home or study further but will not go to office on which her family also supported me. Everything was fine, but after sometime on 24th January 2017 she again created issues and asked to go to office. On which we had a verbal confrontation, after which she left the house taking all her belongings with her. I have registered a complaint for the same on same date. Later during the day her brother brought her back to our place and said that we would try and ask her to adjust here for the sake of our children, on which she said that her husband and her children are dead for her and wanted a legal divorce. We all family members again had a discussion and later she went with her brother as she adamant on not living with us. Now her father and brother are trying to send her back to our place.

At last me and my family decided that we will take her back. As per our hindu mythology they all decided 14 april 17 is the good day for that, and we convey the message to my in-laws.

Meanwhile she asked for the children, and said after the exam get over, please send the children at their place and will return them once school will reopen. we agreed on the same. and send both the children at their place on 10 march 17.

But now she did not send them back and asking for money to get school admission there which I denied and have confrontation with her brother and with him. Now all her family member are against me and supporting her. Her brother and her wife is totally misguided her. they want a big compensation from me. and registered a case against me

After they send a notice via there lawyer having following points:

1. She has suffered neglect, cruelty and abuse on our part.

2. She has suffered incessant acts of cruelty, physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse etcetera, right from the inception of the still subsisting marriage. Despite the same, she is ready and willing for amicable resolution of the matter for the sake of the children.

To resolve the issue amicably we meet twice but do not come to any conclusion. because of that my children are not able to join school from past one month. I have filled custody petition in the court for my daughter. but it is a long process.

Please help me and family or suggest me in this grief situation.

Vijaya said...

I just your message on symptoms of black magic. what ever you mentioned in message everything happening to me.

I see everyday toilets , snakes in dreams.

Me , my sister and my brother getting matches but not getting fixed. Please help us in getting married.

I got one match in matrimony , from last 3 years am waiting for marriage with him but its not happening some or the other going wrong when we talk about marriage. don't know what to do ? Please help me.

naadirah said...


I need help my marriage is about to end because someone has done something to my husband and I we fight a lot we have a small baby ... i don't know what to do or where to turn please can you help us.

fatima said...

Assalam walaykum

I have been seeking a job from quite sometime
whenever people say to help refuse last moment

even if i join and submit all the documents the contract gets cancelled last moment AND sometimes there is some other company and paper work issue

I started litsening to this particular rukiya on youtube saw some dreams related to water,blood and jins in the house

Job is my main priority and for marriage also we have seen some proposals but due to some reason it did not work

If possible can you let me know further in this regard


salahuddin said...

as salam walikum

my name is salahuddin

about my problem from last 6 months i had not earned a singel rupee and always misunderstanding with siblings and wife even my childrens are at home i had not admited them to school before 6 month i was very good alhamdhulillah

nature of business is event management
company name sj eventz innovative

plz kindly help me and let me know what is the issues

Anonymous said...

Assalam oalaikum sir,

I am from India. I visited your website and had read all symptoms of black magic. Now i am sure that me and my family are suffering from very strong black magic since last 8-10 years. In 2008 i met a guy and i just fell in love with him. We were in a relationship for almost 14 months. After that someone told about our relationship to my family. My parents were agree for that relationship but my grandmother,uncle-auntie,cousin brother all were against. They tried to kill my boyfriend but i promised them that i will never meet again with that guy and after that according to me all were going well but i think they were planning something like black magic.
As i need your help so i need to tell you the right thing which i had never told to anyone before. My cousin brother liked me and when i was in a relationship he was very angry and he said to me i will never leave you..you rejected me and u had choose that ..blah blah but that time i ignored him. but after sometime he came to my house and stayed here for almost 15 days. After he leaved i found my some inner wears was missing but that time i was not aware of black magic so i ignored. But after sometime i started to feel sick all the time and my parents were also not well that time. They both were feeling the same symptoms. Then they went to a doctor and started treatment according to their age. From that day my parents are not well even my father is in coma since last 5 months.That time i was a teen so i though it might be because of their age as they were 40+ that time. But when it comes to me, i started to dreaming about sex all the time. I was very good in study before but that time i was not able to study well as i always had sex on my mind. But i really love my bf whom i left because of family pressure only..just for his sake and i have a strong belief in GOD so in starting the things was not affecting me more. Many boys proposed me in that time period but i said that i am in love with someone and i will marry him on right time.But after sometime suddenly i started to hate God and my Guy. After some time one guy approached me for sex and he was working for my cousin. I said no to him but he did something to me and i fainted. After sometime my Boyfriend got married to some another girl because he thought that i leaved him alone. After my boyfriend's marriage my cousin came to met me and said that now u won't be able to live with your boyfriend. After that i started to worship my God again but there was a guilt in my mind that i betrayed my boyfriend because of black magic and i attempted suicide 3 times, but i failed because my roommates are really good. I still love my boyfriend but now he is married. I feel i cannot live without him.I started to talk again to him and tried to explain him everything and he said black magic doesn't exists so don't try to be fool me. How to explain him sir? And as i know that the black magic is done by my cousin so can i do something to reverse it? Because he want to put my reputation at a stake in my society and want to bring dishonor to my parents. Because he was jealous because i love someone truly..and still he is jealous because i still loves my boyfriend i don't even care about the fact that he is married now.Because my cousin and his friend raped my body but they cannot rape my heart. My heart is till beating for my love my boyfriend. please help me sir.. this situation making me feel low and i always used to attempt suicide. I need my love. Please help me sir.

salma said...

Assalam Alekum,

Since last 2 years i can feel some spirits in my home. It was stopped few months back since i started performing Namaz regularly but since last 2 months it has started again. Now i can feel them close to me and they also try to touch me specially during night time while sleeping in an inappropriate manner due to which i am unable to get sound sleep.

During night and morning time i also feel pressure on middle of head (crown area) ​as if somebody is doing black magic on me and the same person is sending those spirits to harass me.

Please help me to get rid of them.

Thanks in advance.

Khuda Hafiz