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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Our health, whether physical or mental, is undoubtedly an important aspect of life. It is only when we are in the pink of health that we can work hard, lead a normal life and enjoy our life to the hilt. So how can the malicious black magicians spare this aspect of the victim’s life?

The tool of black magic is being used to inflict diseases on the victims left, right and centre. Sometimes the matter gets exposed and the victim gets healed whereas in other instances the matter remains under wraps and the victim suffers. In a previous blog of mine, http://blackmagicandphysicaldiseases.blogspot.com, I have discussed about the various physical diseases that can be brought on through black magic hex. Besides this I have also separately dealt with the topic of mental problems which are caused through black magic in my blog, http://psychologicaldisordersandblackmagic.blogspot.com.

There are numerous diseases, both mental and physical, which can be caused by black magic. However, the number of problems created by those who wish to manipulate situations according to their own whims and fancies- through black magic- is unlimited. Such trouble mongers are not able to comply with any situation which is against their wish. For example, if a kind person’s neighbor becomes successful overnight then he will feel happy for his neighbor and congratulate him heartily. On the contrary, if a malevolent person’s neighbor becomes successful overnight then he will become furious. His negative traits will force him to do something for bringing down his neighbor. It will not be surprising if such a person resorts to black magic in order to save his own skin.

Manipulating situations through black magic can lead to problems galore. Anyone who has an evil mindset will never be able to accept other’s wealth, success, beauty, popularity and fortune. So in a bid to stay ahead in competition or for their selfish gains, vicious people often resort to black magic practices.

Some commonly occurring problems due to such manipulative people are:

·         Instead of co-operating with her husband and giving him care and attention to obtain his love, a wife resorts to a shortcut and uses black magic to seek his attention.
·         The wife uses black magic to incite her husband against his mother in order to get his full attention. The same trick is also used by the mother-in-law to incite her son against his wife.
·         People who are engaged in legal battles use black magic to win the cases even though they may be in the wrong.
·         Some people try to pull other’s children down in an attempt to keep their own children ahead. Their crab mentality often makes them resort to black magic.
·         Some people do not hesitate before using black magic to taint someone’s reputation so that they can conceal their own ignominy.

Now these examples are just the tip of the iceberg and it is out of the question to discuss every problem here. Basically, certain spiteful and egotist people want everything to go according to their wish, but when they see that this is not happening, then they seek refuge in black magic.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


Nafisa said...

My name is Nafisa ,I need help it have been since 2001 .one mid night I am half sleep and besides my bed in half sleep I see a black dog breeding in my ear, got married in 2009 it is still around me I see time to time.as I felt yesterday afternoon when I was taking a nap also saw water falling from ceiling and woke up .also I feel there is jinn in my house. I am trying to get pregnant from last 2year also doing IVF and have no luck pls help me if you can I I can do from my side

Amy said...

Dear Sir

I am suffering from black magic about getting job and being fired with no reason. I have found that someone did black magic on me. I have listened quran verses for a while. Things get better but I really want to know the verses in the quran which verses are suit for my situation that I should add to my treatment in order to get my job back. Anyway, Thank you.

Tanveer said...

Aoa Brother,

We have had happy marriage life but suddenly problems started out of nowhere and same with my work, I have almost all symptoms given on your website for black magic, however I did not see any physical sign but I found broken needle stabbed in my underwear and my cloths were teared off without any reason. Can you please let me know if it is sign of magic?

if it is then lots of damage has already been done but can you please let me know solution to prevent it further....

Abhijeet said...

salaam waalekum ji , i m Abhijeet from mumbai , i live me mumbai , i have problem issues from last 2 years, i m suffering from blackmagic evil spirits, i have done many poojas path , i have tried muslim therapy of dua tawiz falita etc, but till now i have visited 5 person in all to get help from those people through god but thres no help from them , i have lost faith in all of them right now , my family also dont thing that this is getting solved and they dont believe in this stuff, i have spended many moneys in all these but i didnt get the proper result now my family memebers also dont give me attention for this cure i dont have any support nor even a peeny for my sake i cant even work because of these situation , i just repeatedly take name of allah , god for help all the time , so u tell me what should i do now, can u give me a simple suggesstion for this , is thre any blackmagic on my and my family????????? or should i consult a physiactrist? pls do let me kniow! thanking you.

Rishikesh said...

Dear Sir,

My name is Rishikesh and my mom is going throught black magic
attack.She was infected in food and i want to know is there a way
through which we can remove the black magic done through food. I need
you help.

Kindly reply

Anonymous said...

One woman did magic on my husband and married him
He hates me and don't come home
He don't even call me
What should I do to remove her magic from him
My husband should come to me and take his responsibility.

shama said...

Am shama ,married from past 15years now having two kids alhdollilh,but since that many years am being troubled by my mother in law always she puts me down n says that because of me her son (my husband ) doesnt do job that my feets(kadams)Iis not good for him always she has been troubling me for dowry although my father gave so much that she also used to call him n ultimately he got major heart attack n is no more.she used to tel my husband to cal him n ask for money or send her back although she has lots of money n wealth n v good health see if my kids go to speak vid her she says press my feet's n take 10rupees so for hours together my kids press her feet's n if my kids ask for some school things to my father in laws he says touch my feets n Dan ask as your father is not earning anything since 14_years my husband is not having any job so I have joined one small job for my commitments he is at home awake late till night n gets up late afternoon n is often v ve wild with me n kids and is often attracted towards other females you are the first person I disclosed my conditions the joblessness of my husband from past 14years the greediness of my in laws the petiful situation of my kids .Believing in Allalh n his rightly guided ones ..thinking that surely I came across you with the will of Almighty Allalh.
Please read every line nhelp me to come out of the plightful situation.
May allalh bless you.
Needs help please

ben said...

salam alaykoum,
My wife left home and took the kids with her. she filed for divorce suddenly without telling me . I do not know her any more her behavior changed toward me she hates me and she does not want me to see my children and she does not want me to be involved with my children life for the rest of my life. If she has sihir how can i remove it .. she is in her parents home.

Anonymous said...

Salam Wenkoom,
My name is Rajesh. May (Thana - Maharashtra) remains.
I hope to help you.

The reason for my problem is that, my marriage was "May 2013". About 30-35 days from the marriage, wife was with my family. During this time, the wife harassed my family in a very different manner. My wife was away from the marriage 4th Dinese began to quarrel with me to remove my mother and brother from the house. Two times I raised my hand to kill my widowed mother. In me or my family, I used to hide and hide any untoward kidney pill. When I came to know of this, I asked for help.

When the wife of the wife came to my house, she brought 10-11 people together. I told the wife of the wife of all the wives of the wife and said that the wife who was eating baby pills of non-child, but instead of convincing her daughter, she struggled with me and my family. Together I took all the women who had given me jewelry in marriage.

Since then, the wife is living her till now. And today this thing has come for nearly 4 years. First of all, I tried to explain to the wife very well, on the phone, by meeting friends, sending a letter, but the wife and his parents - uncle aunt tried to talk about all these things but nobody listened to me one by one, every time I and my family Dissolved in the society like Jalil did a kind of dishonor, society, and relatives in the family have been defamed.

Even after all this, they said the same thing that you have to choose one of the wives or mothers. So I said every time I want both mother and wife. And on the same side, the wife and her parents, stabbed me, put a different kind of pressure on me.

When I came to know that when the wife and her family visited that address, they treated me like everybody with me. First of all, Betty is married to good homes. Then within 1 year, the boys and his family members, police, court, Mukadam, by saying that, by making a fight, boycocks forced his family members to stay separate.

When the wife and her parents were convinced that if I could not remove mother from any other condition, she would have been dirty on me, on my mother's side, on the brother's court (Satara-Maharashtra) while filing false cases. Apply false accusations. (On my mother's miscarriage, she is in unhealthy taluka, I did not give any food to my wife after marriage, she did not give me food, my younger brother used to dance with her, our Goddess Dev is the god of kinars. And I am recovering 4,000 rupees every month from court orders.

At the time of going home, Biwi married the 4 ornaments of the wedding I married to the wife. The court testified that I did not give her jewelry. All of them are worth 200,000 rupees (- two lakh rupees). All the witnesses who gave me the court of the court, proved that false witnesses were giving false testimony with money.

Advocate of the wife and father also gave the judge money on his behalf and has taken a decision on his behalf. If my mother asked our lawyer to tell me to finish the case then the wife and her father had demanded Rs. 8,00,000 / - (Rs. Eight lakhs) from me.

Anonymous said...

When the mother asked the rashtadars to get reconciliation, Biwki's father is stuck on the amount of 8,00,000 rupees (eight lakhs) and nobody is ready to hear anything.

At the same time, taking money from me, on my mother, brother, our livelihood is doing black magic on the roti. For the past 1 year I am unemployed. My good job was about 20,000 / -. But for a year now I am unemployed. My mother's health is always bad, she always gets sick. Many astrologers, maulanas, and technologists are told to tell, so everybody has to say that the wife and her parents should become my home and my family at home and family. We do some kind of black magic for this kind of suffering. So that we could get rid of them by giving them Rs. 8,00,000 / - and troubling them with the court case.

And because of this I have got many astrologers, Maulana, Tantrik Vidyasis, for the past 4 years, to get rid of the oppression of the security of my family and the protection of my family and wool. Everyone asked for a huge amount. Someone 10 thousand, some 20 thousand, but none of them did my work. In these four years, there is one thing which is compulsory, which is compulsive, everybody uses it as a means of self-indulgence.

Because of my wife, my younger brother's marriage is not being decided.

Because of Biwki's father being a moneyman, he has taken the result of the case of his lawyer and the judge giving money to the judge

Sometimes I feel as if I am disappointed. Then comes my mother's care. And I feel completely helpless.

Seeing how the wife and her family, who have oppressed my family for Chandra Rupees, are heartbroken, how can they be so cruel over this? How can you do a lot of fun and punish innocent people?

The girl who does not have any relationship with us, we do not know her, we bring her with joy and joy in the society, and she and her parents are so ruthless to fulfill their illegitimate insatiability. Home and life are desolate. Ruins him. Today is a bad condition that I can not make a statement...

naz said...


I am having a lot of problems in my life I got married 3 years ago my husband has not been very nice to me and has not built a married life with me. Once married we lived with his family he has spent our whole married time running around after his family whilst ignoring my needs. His father passed away last November and since then things have gone from bad to worse. In February this year he stopped talking to me and totally humiliated and degraded me infront of his family, he would not let me sit in the same room as him or touch his food or clothes. He has told his family members he cannot forgive me for walking out the house and leaving when his father passed away the only reason I left was because he beat me infring of his mother and told me to get out. I was told to return but once I did I spent months being ignored and abused by him and his family members. Eventually he has thrown me out again and it has been 3 months now since I left I have a son with him who is only 18 months old I am currently living with my mum. Since throwing me out my husband has only contacted me regarding seeing his son and once to say he would like to work things out so we met to talk but nothing came of it, he just does not seem interested in me anymore marriage was a joke to him he has totally ruined my life and my child's life. I have been told that he has black magic done on him to destroy his life and I also have black magic on me to both from two separate sources. I have been having ruqya treatment and have been told i am now clear. I want to know should I just move on with my life without my husband and accept my marriage is over.

Nayyar said...

Dear Respected Amel Sahib,


My name is Nayyar . I am having severe financial and roazgaar (job) problem for a long time.Although I have got good education but do not get any success in finding a respectable job.Whatever I do, I do not get any success. I read different wazaifs for this purpose but still there is no change. Can you please help me in this regard....Any special wazifa (ismeazam) to read or any special amal to perform.Can I do Ya Allahu wazifa (given on you website).Please help me Sir. May Allah SWT shower His countless blessings upon you and your family.

JazakAllah Khair

Anonymous said...

Selam aleykum Amel,
My parents had black magic cast on them so they seperate and it was buried somewhere near our house. This house was in Cyprus and my mum and dad divorced 5 years ago. I know live right next to the same house and I think I'm being effected by the black magic also. Very weird things keep happening in my home. I keep loosing my things, I have a muska which is a prayer to protect me and I had three they've all gone missing , it's like someone steals it and hides it. I also feel like there's a spirit in my home, doors slam for no reason, I'm suffering with negative thinking and I don't feel my boyfriend loves me even though he always is with me. Please help me I need to find the curse but what do I do when I find it? How do I know that I will remove it from our lives for good. Does my mum have to be here to remove it herself as it was done to her or can my dad do it? Please help xx

shadya said...

hy Amel i just want to clarify something from you

my whole family thinks that am possesed by some evil thing and the
thing is whenever they call a raqii he recites quran i feel like its
no longer me like i coil myself producing a cat sound ...is it true
that am possesed coz i had that people possesed dont know whats going
on around them but i can feel every change going around my body

as for the symptoms from people of black magic i guess i have like
most of them coz am 19 years old and i weigh less than my siblings 8
years old and i get darer day by day could you asist me eid this
matter plzs

Maira said...

Asalam malikum,

I came across your website and looked through several of your blogs.

I have often wondered if me and my family - parents and two brothers - have been victims of someone's curse or casting of black magic.

Is there any way you can tell me for sure? More importantly, I would like to know who it is.

To provide you with background:

We were a normal happy family. My father by the grace of God progressed well in his career and then;

1. December 18th 2004 both brothers got into a terrible car accident. The youngest passed away on the spot the older one suffered a traumatic brain injury and has never been the same
_ prior to this accident, the youngest was hit by a car but unhurt. Had another severe car accident also unhurt. The older one also had a car accident but was unhurt. The December accident obviously changed this.

2. It took years to rehabilitate my brother. Towards the end, we discovered my mother had hepatitis C and had a scarred liver. She undertook treatment for a year and the hep C is cured although her health remains not great.

3. I fell into deep depression around 2012, 2013 and 2014. Despite graduating from law school after all this I still have not been able to begin my career (I am the eldest)

4. Last year my father got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

Basically, we have not had a moment's peace since December 2004.

Is there anyway of finding out if this is spiritually inflicted?


Anonymous said...


We are facing effects of black magic, especially my wife.. I read about you on net. How I can talk to you to explain in better way. Can u pl send me u contact? or advice otherwise. Jazak Allah Khair

Amina said...

Salaam Aleikun .
I have a problem of witchcraft spells on me.It is affecting all areas of my life.
I need a dua please to remove the spells

alim said...

hazrat assalavalekoom.my name is alim. and what u written in yr blogs is same as my condition last 5 years.i humble requesting u plz give me solution through quran what i do.i have stomach problem. i can't eat properly. i feel alway heavy stomach.can't sleep. i have body pain.skin problem.no medical problem found. i checked all test.i think i have something in my stomach.its urgent sir.

intekhab said...

I m suffering from black magic from three months. I haven't seen any solution for it. When I saw my sister then this problem happened on me. I want to know the name of that person, when I listen Surah bakrah then I feel relax.
My name is intekhab

Zuber said...


Brother I wanted to reach out to you directly and as if you can please help me.

The situation is;
I was engaged to a girl and we had been together for nearly 2 years and planning to get married.
Then we broke up because of her friend who is a magician.
I want her back but the problem is her friend is controlling her and not even letting us speak.

I want her back and my intentions are to marry her. I am muslim and she is Christian.

The situation is not a standard situation because of this friend. If it was standard then a wazifa would have worked. Please can you do something strong to make the friend back off?

Can you please help me and her get back together?