Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Our health, whether physical or mental, is undoubtedly an important aspect of life. It is only when we are in the pink of health that we can work hard, lead a normal life and enjoy our life to the hilt. So how can the malicious black magicians spare this aspect of the victim’s life?

The tool of black magic is being used to inflict diseases on the victims left, right and centre. Sometimes the matter gets exposed and the victim gets healed whereas in other instances the matter remains under wraps and the victim suffers. In a previous blog of mine, http://blackmagicandphysicaldiseases.blogspot.com, I have discussed about the various physical diseases that can be brought on through black magic hex. Besides this I have also separately dealt with the topic of mental problems which are caused through black magic in my blog, http://psychologicaldisordersandblackmagic.blogspot.com.

There are numerous diseases, both mental and physical, which can be caused by black magic. However, the number of problems created by those who wish to manipulate situations according to their own whims and fancies- through black magic- is unlimited. Such trouble mongers are not able to comply with any situation which is against their wish. For example, if a kind person’s neighbor becomes successful overnight then he will feel happy for his neighbor and congratulate him heartily. On the contrary, if a malevolent person’s neighbor becomes successful overnight then he will become furious. His negative traits will force him to do something for bringing down his neighbor. It will not be surprising if such a person resorts to black magic in order to save his own skin.

Manipulating situations through black magic can lead to problems galore. Anyone who has an evil mindset will never be able to accept other’s wealth, success, beauty, popularity and fortune. So in a bid to stay ahead in competition or for their selfish gains, vicious people often resort to black magic practices.

Some commonly occurring problems due to such manipulative people are:

·         Instead of co-operating with her husband and giving him care and attention to obtain his love, a wife resorts to a shortcut and uses black magic to seek his attention.
·         The wife uses black magic to incite her husband against his mother in order to get his full attention. The same trick is also used by the mother-in-law to incite her son against his wife.
·         People who are engaged in legal battles use black magic to win the cases even though they may be in the wrong.
·         Some people try to pull other’s children down in an attempt to keep their own children ahead. Their crab mentality often makes them resort to black magic.
·         Some people do not hesitate before using black magic to taint someone’s reputation so that they can conceal their own ignominy.

Now these examples are just the tip of the iceberg and it is out of the question to discuss every problem here. Basically, certain spiteful and egotist people want everything to go according to their wish, but when they see that this is not happening, then they seek refuge in black magic.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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Nafisa said...

My name is Nafisa ,I need help it have been since 2001 .one mid night I am half sleep and besides my bed in half sleep I see a black dog breeding in my ear, got married in 2009 it is still around me I see time to time.as I felt yesterday afternoon when I was taking a nap also saw water falling from ceiling and woke up .also I feel there is jinn in my house. I am trying to get pregnant from last 2year also doing IVF and have no luck pls help me if you can I I can do from my side

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