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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

For some people the idea of finding a suitable marriage partner is simple. They look around for someone who has the qualities which they are looking for in their future spouse. When they find someone of their choice, they propose marriage to them and wait for the reply. If the answer is in the negative, they may even use some desperate measures such as pressurizing, luring etc. However, once they realize that the other person will not concede then they move on in life and leave everything in the Hands of Allah (swt), as He knows what is best for us. This kind of approach is quite human and simple. Islam, in any case, does not permit forced marriages. The women in Islam are also entitled to marrying a man of their own choice. There are several ahadith which reflect this factor.

So basically, marriage is a sacred bond in Islam which does not entail force and deception. 

However, in the world of black magic things are just the opposite. Here, finding a match involves targeting someone who has all the qualities that one may be looking out for. Once the target is identified, then there is no room for the target to say no. The target’s choice, in fact, does not matter at all. All that matters is that he or she is a good catch. A series of attempts are then made to make headway, which are a heady cocktail of black magic, seduction, allurement and deception.

If the target happens to be unsuspecting then he or she may be trapped in matter of no time. The targets may find themselves to be totally besotted by the swindler all of a sudden and it may be very difficult for them to get the swindler off their mind. The black magic hex which is worked upon the target leaves them with no capacity to think straight. They turn into puppets and do whatever they are told to, including getting married!

Unfortunately, when the hex wears off with time, many such victims of black magic marriage hex realize their mistake, but it is too late by then. The more ill-fated ones do not even have the privilege of realizing their mistake because they are not given any chance to do so. Spells are worked on them one after another keeping them mesmerized, constantly.

There is no point in discussing the future of such marriages because they are completely based on deceit. They are worst than the forced marriages because in these cases the victim does not even know that he/she has been victimized.
The only solution to prevent oneself from following someone blindly for the rest of one’s life is to keep one’s eyes wide open.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


irfan said...

Dear brother of Islam salam.

I am facing tension depression stifness in head face jaws and ears drums. Also i m facing sexual impotence and premature ejaculation due to the said. Plz help me out this situation if it is black majic.


filza said...

Aoa sir ... my name is filza ..last night i waa searching about black magic articles on net n i saw your blog .. can u please tell me what u actually deal with ...
,i am suffering from severe headache since last year ...now i also feel heaviness and pain in shoulders which is unbearable.
i don't feel my self near to Islam anymore although i have strong belief in Allah and i want to offer namaz bt i dnt know why i cant...im really worried please if u can help me out il b thankful.

Naeem said...


My name is naeem . I feel very heavy on my shoulder and head and can not even work. So currently i am free and can not do any work. I feel as if i do not have strength. Sometimes i feel very dirty smell emanating from my body. I have became very lazy. I can not do anything as if i am forced to stay on bed. So you are requested to please tell me the reason. If it is black magic kindly inform me what type of magic is it and please also inform me its best remedy.

My sister is also victim of black magic or jinns(saya). She keep on chatting along, remains dirty, abuses torn off her own cloths, thrashes my mother and wife. keep on eating all the day, wastes lots of food daily, whenever she chats with her own self she revolves her both hands, it appears she have some sort of obsession up to the abnormal level. She also urinates within her weared clothes and at the time she is awake. Sometime she urinates while sleep as well. Now she is 25 years old. She was a very decent girl when she was 15 or 16 years old. It has been more than 8 years of her such condition. Kindly tell us whether she is the victim of black magic or are these jinns which have gained total control on her mind and body. Please also tell us the best remedy of this disease.

In case if we (me & my sister) both are the victims of black magic than please reveal us the name of the person or persons who have hired black magic to cast spells on us.

Waiting for your valued reply.



Mukesh said...

Hello sir , I am Mukesh n I live in Russia. Now I am in India..... My every work going fail. Even I have good connection in India and Russia but no income .... My friend advise me to ask some ppl who related with kale_ilm
Plz guide

Ashley said...

I found out that my husband is under black magic. I am not sure what to do to get him back. The woman he's with seems to control him. He's not himself and doesn't care for our children like before. Please help

Anonymous said...

dear sir/madam

please do help my brother is in bad condition because of his fiance she don't love my brother and she always using bad words to my brother even she slapt my brother but brother beard everything her family is so bad and we are trying that my brother leave her but she madly loves her please do something that my brother leave her and he feel hate for her because his condition is very bad please please do help my brother he says i dont know why i cant leave her and i cant tell her anything.

nargis said...

for the sake of Allah and his rasool please help me.
im married since 8 years old.my name is nargis .he live with his mother and brother.since childhood his father left his mother.my husband had a small house.he loved me so much that he build a big house by the grace of Allah and with the support of my love.he got only his mother love,he doesnt have any relative in good term with them.his mother also love her so much and can do anything for him and listen to all what he say.he was doing taxi driver without permit but alhamdullah he was earning a lot and her mother was very happy..her mother was not willing for the marriage because people was telling her im a bad girl but from my point of view her mother was jealous of me that how could her son love me so much and build a house for me..my husband also left her mother house once because her motherwas not willing for the nikah..when he left house her mother was schocked and went apologize to him and pacify him and bring him home and agree to do my nikah to him..on the other hand my father was not willing for the nikah as im was going to study law and he didnt want me to marry him..he was against the marriage..finally after two week i did nikah.my husband mother made me agree by his sweet talk and said her son is diwana for me marry him he cant live without me...the day after our nuptial night we got a big fight i remove my alliance ring and throw away my husband wanted to suicide,after some month its me who wanted to suicide.he lost his job,i was working at the embassy i lost my job.he started hating me.he talk only to her mother,her mother cook for her and do everything for her.our life has been a routine for past 8 yrs.we live happy for 2 week and 1 month we dont talk he stay with her mother.her mother does everything for her again we live happy.we go outing.we have 2 kid.each time we get relation the same day or after 1 day big fight.now he is afraid to touch me.recently is been 1 moth we get fight he always threat to give me talak.he already me me 1.sometime he leave the home and stay outside.he talk only to her mother and inform her where he is.he neglet me anf the kid,my father and sister help me financially.i knw there is black magic on me but i couldnt find anyone to break it,i read your website i gain a ray of hope i can get out of this,please tel me what to do.]
jazzak Allah

Nadeem said...

Dear ,

i hope you doing good by the grace of Almighty Allah SWT.

need your help, my wife is suffering for the last six months but now the intensity has increased, all the symptoms have the same as black magic,
she has bruises and bumps, loosing her sanity, foggy vision, sleep less, and bla bla,

i remember i never did anything bad to anyone in my entire life, neither do my wife, i don't know why this exam came to me,

i don't want any reversal, i don't want any revenge, just need your kind advise to how i can go out of this situation?

tahir said...

Assalam alaikum,

I came to know your mai id through one of my friend in chennai.

I am 50 yrs old and right from my childhood have been of frightened nature. I try to pray
but concentration is not on prayer when i stand for namaz.
Even now if I am supposed to take any bold step in life i think 10 times. I have missed
so many opportunities wrt my Job. Could not continue college in since it was far away from
home got home sick and returned back in my college days. I am not courageous and
worry unnecessarily over small issues. This leads to sleepless nights and my health
gets affected.

Can u help me please.


ismat said...

Aslamoalikum i get marriage at the time of mRriage my husband cates me lot he breif me that stay awy from my bhabi i do not show but i was alert from her because she eeants to bring her sister or neice for my hisband but my mother in law refuse to do so after three. Or four year i feel that my husband is going away from me and close to his bhani and his family day buy day our financial problems wrre increasing after the marriahe off ten year my husband income became vary low but my brothers supports me always and i donot feel i help my husband in housr chores than o buy flat with the help of my brothers when i shifyed there my family financial and mutule problems increases my husband dint want see me i was still in struggle i send my husband malyshia he stay threre only three years hardly hes nephew call him come back jehlum e will settle busness for you he came back and since january he is liviing with them they only gave him food not paying and my hudband is happy i merriade my two dsughters totle on behalf of my brothers third one is angaged but no financial or morral support gave my husband he always anhery withe and with children i am surroynded with problems one of my dsughter her husbsmd is jobless elder daughter she is suffring from mentle problem u buy plot in1992 but could not sold now my brothers monthly send me i total dependedon them i have son he was vary inteligent three year before he went jehlumnow hesays i couldnt study please do help me the way outone of my dsughtet is 29year but not get marriageplz reply as soon as posoble.

Veena said...


I read your article about when schizophrenia is black magic which I thought was very interesting. I am suffering from black magic and agree that psychiatrists and psychologists don't have an understanding of this.

It would be good to hear from you.

Asma said...

Assalam o alykum

I wrote to you because my colleague spoke to me about the weird incidents in his house. When he took out one of his clothes from the cupboard, there were lot of insects (termites) coming out of it. when it was placed in the sun, still there were so many insects. there was not even one insect on his brother's clothes or father's clothes. so his mother washed his clothes and threw them away.

He also reported that when he was inside the toilet someone banged the door very hard but his sister who was outside said they thought he banged the door from inside.

His family is scared and they think im doing it on him (i did not do).

Please help me and help him too.

amna said...

its about my family....i wanted your help to kno whether my family is affected by black magic ...as i felt some signs...of which iam not sure.....when initially i moved to america ... i felt some ppl werent happy with our presence and then later my sister in-law ordered my husband to move back to india....and i think to which my husband agreed and now he regrets...but thats not all...even returning we nevr lived in peace...from the day i got married ...i think i was never happy perhaps it was evil eye....my daughter ,evn she isnt happy with her life at most poinnts of her life she feels trapped she feels she is born with bad fortune and its the same with my son....i mean we never felt or were satisfied basically we r not happy....from the time we came back from america ...i think before that we had applied for US visa for green card of US,...i think its more than 13 yrs....we have waited...and we went through 2 retrogression...this year we had reached the current date and the process had just begun and suddenly we experienced this..i.e, retrogression....one day i got to kno my sister in-law does black magic, i wont share how...its just that i want to be sure....and i want your help in this mattr.....its she who cannot see our happiness...idk why...but my family is trapped ....my daughters education,...my sons career was all based on that and now suddenly misfortune just hit us...i want help....pls reply as soon as possible.

Anisa said...


i have read ur articles about black magic, and it seems that you have a

good knowledge about black magic/ siflee ilam,

kindly let me know the procedure that how to break or get rid from black magic.

as i have confirmed from 2, 3 resources that there is a black magic cast upon me.

but they want to charge me money for this treatment of black magic, which i can


so let me know an easy method which can be done by myself, and without any

side effect, i will follow the procedure as per your instruction.

i am waiting for your kind response.

Anonymous said...

I wish you to know about my problems and give me some solution Do I write them or just giving my name you can know?

I feel continuous black magic is being done on me since last 23 years. I am 38 years single girl. I am playing jalali mokelat. If l I lost due to black magic.
. Why do I have to do ruqyah at all.

I used to have job but now depend on. Mothers pension. Every single relation was rejection. Friendship relative even marriage proposal not even single one.

Is there a way to repent my sins. I feel I must be very sinful to face all bad and black magic to affect me.

waseela said...


I need advice please. How will I know if my daughter is affected.

She refuses to read namaaz. Loss of interest. Doesn't listen to anyone.

Please help with Duas to read.


kausar said...

HI Sir : Salam Alukom

I have a problem with my brother , he had so many problems on his life , plus he is angry always for no reason
It was difficult for him to marry and after marriage he is facing problems
Now he is about to divorce his wife . he even heat his clothes
he was also fired from his work , he is a good person , did not deserve what is happening to him , he is now very depressed

I need some one to check for him if this a spirit evil or black magic and to remove it from him right now he on Egypt

danish said...


How are you ?

I saw your blog post regarding black magic and almost I am going through each of the symptom mentioned on that blog. So please help me what to do. Can I talk to you or meet you in person ?

Mazhar said...

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَ بَرَكَاتُهُُ

Hope you are well Amel Soname,

‎I've read and article you posted on a website and found it hard he very interesting.

I would really appreciate some help and advice on the subject of Sihr being made for a husband and wife to separate.

I find myself in this situation and we have separated and are on the verge of divorce. Recently I have discovered that our situation is due to Sihr of Separation being made.

Is their any way you would be able to help me from wherever you situated to help fight this Sihr?

Also would you be able to prescribe an amazing that could work to bring us back together.

Would really appreciate your help and advice of you could get back to me.

جـَــــزاكـُــــم الـــلّــه خـَـــــيرًا

shamila said...

AOA my name is shamaila rauf i am having so many problems since i got married that was almost 19 years and still now i am facing many health issues,marital issues my children 18 years old daughter and 11 years old son both are not well they are facing education and health issues .MY daughter has tried 3 times to succeed her o level exam but failed to do so she is also having psychiatric treatment and counselling and she is suddenly having skin issues and my daughter. My son is having fever for two months he is gone through all kinds of medical test and treatment and all his test reports are clear but he is still having fever my sons and MY husband is also facing health problems and financial problems. I will be very much greatful and thankful if u help me in these matters i am waiting for your reply thanks

akbar said...

Aslamo Alykum:

Dear Shaykh, i am suffering back pain since couple of years, no any medical treatment other than pain injections. Can you very kindly advise if there is any consult /treatment for the back pain. I live in Canada and can you provide me your contact please!