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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

As I had pointed out in the second post, there is hardly any phase in our life or any aspect of our life which cannot be riddled by black magic. Black magic can be used against the victims for creating hordes of problems related to the sacred bond of marriage.

Besides tricking victims into marriage, which I have discussed here: 7.BLACK MAGIC HEX SPELL ON MARRIAGE .docx, black magic hex spells can be cast by malicious people with the following evil motives:

·         Blocking the victim’s marriage prospects
·         Creating misunderstandings between the married couple- which in turn can lead to separation and even divorce,
·         Bringing on hordes of sexual issues such as infertility, erectile dysfunctional, bleeding during sexual intercourse, sexual performance problem; low sex drive etc.
·         Frequent abortions
·         Stillborn babies
·         Suspicion and hatred between married couples

The above mentioned problems elucidate that every aspect of marriage can be targeted through black magic and this is hardly surprising since creating problems between married couples is Satan’s favorite sin. This is evident by the following hadith:

The Prophet (pbuh) said, Iblis places his throne upon water; he then sends detachments (for creating dissent between people); the nearer to him in rank are those who are the most notorious in creating dissension. One of them comes and says, ‘I did so and so’. And he says, ‘You have done nothing commendable’. Then one amongst them comes and says, ‘I did not spare so and so until I sowed the seed of dissent between a husband and a wife’. Shaitan goes near him and says, ‘You have done well’. He then embraces him’. (Sahih Muslims and narrated by Jabir Ibn Abdullah)

It is noteworthy that if Satan is hell bent on creating discords between married couples then the institution of marriage is more susceptible to attacks from all sides. Satan and his ilk can not only insinuate whispers in the ears of the husband and wife and create dissent between them directly but they can also entice others around them. This is reason why so many marriages end up on the rocks because of the black magic hex spells cast on the married couples by their enemies to split their relationship.

According to Al-Hafidh Ibn Kathir, the cause of separation between a married couple through black magic is that each of them appears to the other as ugly or ill-mannered’ (Tafsir Ibn Kathir: 1/144).

Now achieving this objective is cakewalk for Satan because according to Al-Azhari, the basic meaning of black magic (seher) is to make something appear in a form other than its real one’. Therefore, through black magic it is quite easy for the Satanic black magic jinnat to make the wife seem to be ugly or ill-tempered in the husband’s eyes, even though she might not be so.

All sorts of tactics such as illusions, delusions, hallucinations, insinuating whispers, enticement; threatening and seduction are used by Satan and his army, in the spiritual warfare of black magic, to defeat mankind.

It depends on the married couple whether they wish to protect their marital bliss or if want it to be trampled by the envious lot, who do not think twice before casting hex spells for destroying marriages. If the couple senses anything wrong in their hitherto balanced relationship and if they notice any abrupt behavioral change then they should try to discuss the matter with a spiritual healer.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


Saeed said...

Salamon alaykom
My name is Saeed
I love my God. اشهدان لاإله الاالله وحده لا شريك له
I'm so happy with my life الحمدلله
But there something wrong around me for many years it doesn't let me to be happy. I'm so tired. I can not fight any more.
I work hard but I'm loosing everything in my life.
Something standing in front of me and doesn't let me go forward. I feel every day far from my God.
Like a person involved with a black magic for many years.
I need to feel my self closer to my God.
I did استغفرالله ربى و اتوبو اليه but I feel all door is closed.
I'm sure He said the door is open but I'm very hopeless after many years fighting.
I hate شيطان but all time I feel he is against me and as I feel more far from الله I feel more worst.
If you can, I need your help

The only thing I need is: to feel myself closer to my God again.

Have a blest day

Anonymous said...

Hi Amel
I have been married for over five years but since we got married we have been having marital issues, and my wife left our home over a year ago.
Before she left I suspected that she was cheating with another man. Although she continued to denied that she is cheating, she openly told me that she hate me and she hate to be around me. She seems to care less about our two kids and does not see them for months without any remorse. She told me that she hate to be around them because of her hatred for me. She will make every little issue a big problem and fight over it.

However, every time I decide to move on she will come back and convince me that she is prepared to work on the marriage. I have suffered emotionally for the past 4 years trying to make our marriage work. I suspect that black magic may be involve to get her to hate me and I do not know how to break the spell. I also suspects that she is using black magic on me too to control me.

I am a muslim and I have tried the method you suggested (Breaking Black Magic For Separation) but i am a limited in reading arabic and I do not know what you referred to when you recommended to read ALI 41 times. What is Ali?
Also can I read the verses you recommended in English considering my poor Arabic skills? Your urgent reply will be highly appreciated.I live in Australia.

Thanks for your understanding.

Anonymous said...

Assalam o Alaikum:
How are you sir? I hope you will be fine.
Actually I need your help with a problem. The problem is that, one of my cousins, who is happily married to a good person. She has two sons of ages 17 and 12. Her husband is very honest government officer. Someone has cast black magic on her. She has broken up with her father and mother for the last 3 years.She doesn't meet anyone. She has become something like insane. She demanded a lot of things from her husband and her husband gave her whatever she demanded. Now she wants to get divorced from her husband. Niether the husband nor both the family wants that. But she wants.There is no access to her because she doesn't meet anyone. I want you to do something to break that magic.
So can you help me with that?
I shall be very grateful to you.
I'm waiting for your reply.

leena said...

Hellow amel ...
I am leena from northeast india... There is something in aur house who want to kill us... My father my sister had died in this year... Plz help us.. We need help...

mahmuda said...

Assalamu alaikum. May Allah forgive us.

I have been married for 6 years. When I got married, I was 21 years old. I am not happy on my marriage life and don't love my husband. He is a good man by heart. Try to pray five daily prayers. He gave support on m study as he is nt as much as educated than me. One thing is knocking in my heart that why i am not happy. I had a relationship with someone before marriage whom my my mother didn't like. I talked to my mother about this relationship and my mother called my boyfriend and tried to console him for my marriage that call your mother , we will tlk abd decide and if ok I will give you and my daughter nikah. bUt my boyfriend ignored that he is youngest, his mother will be angry on him. After my mother console me that will never marry you. I was too young. I dated I will wait. My boyfriend also didn't want to leave . He loves me so much. My mother did majic on me. I felt afraid at night. I found a bottle with something in it. I told my boyfriend and he said it's majic. After few days I want to break relationship and we used to quarrel each other. And agree marriage whatever my mother said I obey her. I always obey her but that time was different and I hadn't any normal sense like now till my 2 years of marriage. After 2 years or something leter I felt that i dont like and love my husband even now. I try with my heart to love my husband but I can't. I don't have any feeling for my boyfriend too. I forget him. Also after4th day of my marriage I found a tabeez named M where my and my husband's name is also start with m. My question is
If this marriage is by the grace of Allah why I don't happy? Why I am depressed? Does Allah change my takdeer means is my takdeer changed? My mahr was given a neckles set . Now it is kept on interest. What is the effect on my marriage life? I don't want to love my hus and now and paradise. Is it possible that I will be given another husband with whome I will be happy in paradise? Bcoz I don't want my husband with me in heaven. I want to live a good and islamic life.Allah bless me.
Please ans me.
Assalamu alaikum.

sadaf said...

Dear Sir,

I have gone through your worthy notes about witchcraft. I am under magic spell since long, to some extent i get help from a peer sb but still my life is full of woes. i felt so good while hearing the zikar you uploaded for instant cure of magic. You encouraged asking you questions therefore, i humbly came up with few questions hope you will b kind enough to grant replies.

1) can i hear the mp3 recording for instant cure of magic even during periods? is it safe?

2) one after another people come in my life whether relatives newly added in family or acquaintances who see me and start casting spell on me including males and females. i have a strong feeling that all such people keep on adding to stab me due to some evil effect or sinister effects attached to myself through some evil spell in past. Is it possible? how can i be cured of it

3) I almost daily feel twitching in various parts of my body and whatever prediction these twitchings tell according to interpretation it comes true. My question is they are due to evil craft or its a natural part of myself.

and final is a request if your good-self please see my aura and tell me what it says?

My deepest and profound gratitude. You are a blessing of Almighty Allah on our dark paths

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum. I am a victim of black magic. My mother_in_ law and sister in law did black magic on me with the help of king of the jinn to break my marriage and to make my husband misunderstood on me and my family. Can you help me to catch these king and their clans. . I heard there is a big rock in India, Kolkata underneath several black magic which were done for us so that my husband can never be able to come back to us. I have 3 children. Thank you.

fawad said...

Dear Sir,

Kindly tell me that Is this NAZAR BANDI or real spiritual ilm:


Is this spiritual person doing some kind of NAZA BANI TRICK or is he really a spiritual healer?

Waiting for the reply.

Anonymous said...

Assalam wa Alaikum
I am a married man and wish to do second marriage. The second marriage i want to do with a woman with three children , she divorced her first husband because he was an apostate. He converted to islam from christianity to marry her, but along with that he did false shahadah , he was negligent to his duties to his family and also violent. Nevertheless the wife got divorce from sharia court. The situation now is that she is defensless and still being harassed and abused by the ex apostate husband. First and foremost that man has to be stopped, no one has supported or stood up for her. Please for the sake of Allah help her in this situation.

Secondly, I want to marry her in the name of Allah, my foremost intention being to free her from the acts of violence still being done to her. The problem is i am married already. I know the second marriage is perfectly right in the sight of Allah if im able to do my responsibilities to the second wife, but earthly conditions also exist which mainly include the first wife, the nature of a woman rejecting the actions allowed by Allah if a man can fulfill the conditions. Please guide me in the light of Quran to overcome this hurdle.

She is not able to prevent the ex from entering her home, is he doing some sifli process on her? recently he arrived at her home with some men and she could noy tell them to go away. they made her believe that a jinn made her divorce her apostate husband and the jinn is regularly having sex with her (Astughferullah). And she actually believed them.

Please give guidance and help

Arsim said...

Dear sister... 2016 Has been very bad year for me...it's been very unproductive and i have lost financially a lot.
I have been drowning in debt ...trying and trying...Praying Wazzifas...or anything you could possibly think...i just can't pick my self up...
I really need some help... i am an entrepreneur ... and i have been trying to succeed with my invention... for some reason the investors come to the door.. and they always find some excuse not to invest in my project.
And now i have couple peoples...and one muslim brother which mostly i am fighting for him to come through and do the investment ....
I am praying as much as i can to Allah... and sometimes i feel like Allah is not granting any of my wishes... I been working hard... and i don't want to quit from what i have built...
Is there anything you can do to check if there is any black magic done on me or my wife... can i share my name and my wifes info.. and to see if there is anything done for damaging us financially... as my in-laws don't like me at all..




Selam Aleykum,

rabia said...

hi i am rabia i met a teacher for study in the start he was very nice. i thought that he is very nobel but after some days i notice he was making eye conatct with a girl sitting beside me, i ignored that because i had to gain knowledge from him but after some days he insulted me and order me to left his class i did that but on return i saw his name every where his memories are still alive in my mind i dont love him that way because he is my teacher but the problem is i am unable to forget him i am tired of his memories. i need help why i see and notice his name every where some times i feel he has magical powers.why my heart is drawn to him. he is cute person but cuteness is so important for me. please tell me any remedy i want to forget him completely i went for apology 18 times and he never forgave me even a single time even i have no so much issue with him i just backbitted about him with his student and friend and i had no idea that they will disclose and tell him. my complian was that he gives less time in teaching which is a normal complain but i am amazed on his behave. he even not telling me what is in his mind he texted me one night at 3. am inresponse to which i used hard word s. i guess this offended him. but i did this because i knew he is married and it is not gud some one texts u about study at 3 am. i often texted him after 12 am i always asked about study issues during exam which neeed urgent attention. i wanna ask where i ai respected him like teacher but when i felt that he may

Anonymous said...

Asslam u alikum
I have a problem very typical to that described in your blogs. I am a girl who is facing marriage difficulties for about 4 years. Several proposals come for me but no one returns to take the process forward. Before these 4 years, two proposals came which we turned down due to some genuine reason and right after that all those who came never showed up again. Everytime some very insignificant reason stops the party from coming back to us. During this time I had consistent nightmares, where I see lizards or some other horrible things but from sometime this dreaming has stopped. I have heard ruqya in this regard, just listening without any special method using leaves but there was no effect on me. I am not sick at all and does not feel any discomfort but my problem is typical of a black magic situation. I am good in looks, financially stable and hold a good reputation but I dont know what reasons stop my proposals from succeeding. I receive proposals from places where we cant do due to major reasons and only they are those willing to proceed. Wherever we wish to proceed, those never come back. Not even a single among so many. I have recited manzil, mauzatain, surah baqarah and had blewed on the water and drink it many times but the problem still persists. Please suggest me the treatment of this problem. I have done many wazifas in this regard but it didnt sort my problem.
Please detail the treatment and reply soon.

sehrish said...

can i seek help as i am extremly worried i think i have severe magic effect and alot of tensions are going on with me. plz help if you can.waiting for reply.

Anonymous said...


Can you suggest a pure/noori amal which will help me get financial abundance and windfall? for decades my family has been struggling with financial problems irrespective of what is being done or resources available. I am 46 years old now and have been going thru this since my childhood.

Please advise.

Ramisa said...

Hello ,my name is Ramisa ,and I want to talk to u regarding my husband,since some eight months we are fighting a lot and BCoz I got to know of his extra marital affair ,and since thn misunderstandings have increased and he gave me one divorce but he came to take me back ,now he says he wants to stay but only as parents of our children ,I stay in joint family ,is there any amel I can do so tht he starts loving me and all our misunderstandings are over,

Anonymous said...

I was engaged to a girl and was to marry but my engagement broke due to her sister made seperation black magic on her and me. Her sister destroyed my fiances life and mine totally. Uptil this day I am suffering from the effects of it , though I managed to find someone who took away the black magic.

I want to take revenge on the sister. I know in Islam black magic is not allowed, but i know also that Allah says : " Eye for an Eye." So the bitch did black magic on me I want to hurth her back and make black magic on her. Is it allowed for me to do? If it is what kind of magic can I do to destroy her slowly but surely over long time. I also wanna fuck that bitch literally and make her my whore, for doing this to me and my fiance. How can I get her in my hand and control her. If there is nothing suchthen show me some Quran verse or taweez that I can destroy her through that.

And also by now my x-fiance has not returned , I dont know why this is though teh magic is gone. Im very angry and i am burning daily because of he\atred owards the sister of my fianc who done this.

Anonymous said...

asllaam u alaikum ...
i have a questions that you must answers ... firstly when i was in nikah my husband i have GETTING MARKS ON MY BODY ... after our merriage same i have marks on my body ... black and green colour combination after they convert in yellow and slightly finished ... thats why i have so anger and even we have no understading with each other even the relation gone be end but ALLAH s,w,t, save me ...

now please answer me how to do to get rid of it ... i think its black magic as i read the given yours black magic symptoms ....

awaiting your answer ...

thank you ...

raven said...

Can you help with black magic, voodoo or negative energy removal. I am not sure what type of negative energy is being used against me. I would like a consultation and need some advice on what to do about this. Want to find out how you may be able to help.

Anonymous said...

As Salam Alykum,

It it true -
That Most of disease, calamity and troubles are caused due to Bad Nazar, or Karni, Jadoo, etc

How Do we determine and be sure that spells have been done on us, or bad nazar is on us ?

Yes - I am never in good peace,struglling always for many things, yet could not gain, my wife is always in same condition in sadness my daughter in same type, what do i do,for the same.

Please suggest

Rushada said...

Aoa ,
How are you ?
I am very much depress as not able to produce kids or conceive. Got married 7 years ago.

Love my husband but when he come near me I got scared or feel annoy.

I feel fear all the time. Lives alone from 4 years.
It seems there is someone near me.

In dreams feel someone is holding me.

So scared at all times.
Sometimes body get shivers.

Can u help me ?
Is it black magic ?
How to get rid of it ?