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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Before we make an attempt to solve the problem of black magic it would be logical to gauge the magnitude of the problem. This will help us to understand that black magic does not affect just one or two aspects of our life but almost every aspect, irrespective of the fact whether it is a major aspect or a trivial one.

If we discuss about the enormity of black magic then we need to start from some point. However, it is almost a challenge to find the specific point from where the discussion can be initiated. For example, the aspects of education, career, marriage; progeny etc occur at a later stage in one’s life. So it would be more pragmatic to start from the childhood, right? Definitely, black magic spells are commonly cast on children due to animosity towards their parents, family feuds or some other reason. In a real life case, the woman got so infuriated by her daughter-in-law that she did not think twice before using black magic against her and also her two year old grandson. She got so blinded by rage that she overlooked the fact that the innocent child was her own grandson.
Besides this, I have explained in detail in a previous blog of mine: http://blackmagicandphysicaldiseases.blogspot.in/2014/03/jinnat-can-bring-on-cancer.html that when black magic is done to kill the victim then it can manifest itself as cancer. The occurrence of cancer amongst infants shows that some people are ruthless enough to use lethal black magic against infants too. Since childhood is the first stage of life so it deems suitable to consider it as the point from where onwards we can gauge the magnitude of black magic. However, as a matter of fact, this point is also not appropriate because in some cases, black magic raises its ugly head even before the infant is born. This is the main reason why there mishaps such as miscarriages and still born babies occur. Now going back a little more, some married couples do not face the above mentioned problems also because the woman is unable to conceive at all. Infertility in womenfolk and impotency in men are some of the sex-related problems which are also brought about by black magic in order to render a married couple childless.

In the wake of this situation, it would not be an exaggeration to state that the problem of black magic is infinite. In fact, voodoo practitioners and tantriks visit the new graves at night in a bid to enhance their negative energies through some obnoxious rituals. So we find that the evil practice of black magic continues even beyond death. It is a pity that even the dead are not allowed to rest in peace in their graves. Several incidences have been reported wherein the graveyards are frequented at night by tantriks; rituals are performed- thereby disturbing the people living in the nearby areas and graves unearthed. People have witnessed skulls and bones lying scattered around in cemeteries, after being used in the evil ceremonies.

The above mentioned disturbing facts give us a fair idea about the magnitude of the black magic problem and it also highlights the fact that black magic needs to be dealt with seriously.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


Unknown said...

sir please help main bohot samasya main hain,

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,

Hoping you are fine and well, I am so much worried about me, I need you HELP and your kind attention please.

May i contact you for my Problem, I am really really needed your help, Main zindgi say mayus ho gia hon, please agar ao meri help ker saktay hen, to main ap k liay hamesha dua kron ga...

Please let me know, k kia main ap say bbaat ker sakta hon?

Thank you so much...

arjun said...

Drear sir, I am facing problem.my lover who has after registered my flat in 2011 her name and after receiving money help from 2007 for her education period.after getting govt job in 2014 changed her behaviour,refuse to accept me and refuges to return flat to me .what shall I do to get flat return .her mother ne ushe muzse nafrat badha di hi aur tantric vidhi se bandh kar muzse duriya badhai hai.
A n kendre

latifa said...

Salam Alaykum,

Please what can i do. I was supposed to get
married 2years ago, but my parents said I can’t get
married to him dua to some spirituals reasons. I think
he’s family was angry with me for not getting married to
him. they did black magic on me that I won’t get marriage proposer from
anyone, Please I really want to get married. What dua can I
do to make the curse go away and get a marriage proposal
from an upright good Muslim man.

gafar said...

Salam alaekum ya Amel Soname,
I am a Nigerian and read through your site. Kindly tell me a quranic method of curing black magic for someone constantly under attack by a magician. Ma salam.

falak said...

I am married since 8 months... and I have facing many difficulties regarding our relation.. me and my husband understand and love each other but suddenly after every 1. Month we have to fight on silly things even now we have to separated and don't talk each other.. sometimes I thought the reason was my mother in law.. because she was not happy at the marriage time. and she spells black magic on us if its true plz do something I will be very thankful to you.. thanks

shela said...

I am a house wife I am in big trouble I feel so much pain in my heart for one year doctors can't understand because my reports are clear in my family a girl got divorce I am keen of reciting duas and wazaifs I don't know they thought I am involved in her divorce any black magic jadogar confirmed my name to them and they do jadoo on me I was treated by a Molana he did kaat I was getting fine and that girl was getting mad than I knew what's going on but they are our relatives after 3 month I was going ill again heart pain and bad dreams of jinnat I can't sleep and afraid of bad dreams this time that Molana said nothing jadoo on me but I am suffered so much I can't pay as I told you I am a house wife , can you tell me something to read so I can find may I have black magic or its cure.

vaijanti said...

Assalam valekum brother,

I google searched for the solution to the black magic induced headache
and there I went through your blog on symptoms on such headache
And most of them are present in my case
1)Constant and imbearable headache
2)Feeling of being controlled
3)Disturbed sleep instead no sleep at all
4)Heaviness at night and at waking in morning

Please can you help me or refer me someone to take me out of this hell
created to block my success in my career by malacious people behind
Please Be my Guide
Be my Angel

Other details
Bro as you said an ordinary person will initially go for eye check up
and finally for an MRI..

I did the same and my MRI was normal and then I doubted that it may be
due to this malacious reasons

Bro I came to know that some one from our uncle and aunts were
performing these malacious acts through several years on us and they
have caught our whole family and home in black magic..

I have made temporary solution for home untill we could shift our home
And also I got treated for my headache by a local person (paranormalist)

but again within 10 days I am caught again
So its Complete chaos

I want to complete my degree but cant leave my family in such delicate situation
and I with this headache am helpless to complete my degree.

Please Brother if you could help me in any way..

Thanking you in anticipation

Good Wishes and Blessings.

Salman said...

Dear Brother Aslamualikum

Brother i am in a very bad situation and seeking for help. I married to a Russian women, i have twin boys 2 and half year old.
There are few people who are not happy with our marriage. someone threaded me after i got marriage that he is going Thailand to ask about me and my descendant.
I did not believe that he could do something but we had very hard time since we married, i have lost everything. came on road. My wife left me, she doesn’t love me anymore. she took kids with her. when she left i was still planing to be with her but she didn’t wanted to talk to me as she hate me so much.
i was unable to sleep and cried a lot. we should divorce, i am still trying to move on with my life. I kind a lost aim of my Life, still keep thinking of her. Actually few people told me that someone has done black magic on us but i never take this serious. Today again someone said the same things.
So i started to look online and found your blog. now i am thinking that i should not ignore this. if the person really have done something for our separation and she is suffering from me i must to help her.
There are some symptoms I seen in her. She does not clean her self, doesn't want to shower. she spent most of the time in toilet. After marriage she started to hate me, always complained, disrespected me, doesn’t wanted to sleep with me.
There is a lot more to tell about her and me also but My brain doesn’t not working, please reply me or if i can have your cell number that i talk to you our the phone.

Please Help me Brother, reply me as soon as possible.
ALLAH always bess you

Ali said...

Dear sir,
This is Ali. I am from Pakistan and victim of black magic from last 4 year before this i was doing a good job in England.Suddenly every thing change i lost my job and come back to Pakistan.Now i have no job no business and its mean no money i listen ruqya and try to recite Quran. I dont know where is the problem. so can you please help me. Thanks

nazia said...

Hi Amel,
assalamualaikum ji.I am nazia and i along with my family is a sufferer of black magic since 15 years.An everything is reached at extreme level.My chachi do these somehow by a magician or occultist.and jinn is always behind this..we came to know that she wants to ruin us anyway and thus jinn is being sent to our home which is called chalaani jinn.and they are making a lot of harms to us.my father has no work, always low money and no business.and many kind of problems among my father and mother is taking place.please tell me what to do.. please. reply.


Akbar said...

Dear Sir,

this is Akbar . Having MSC hons and have very rich record of jobs in Development sectors of International Organizations. I have six brothers. all of them were good and enjoying life. In 2001 my mother died and the Father had another marriage. She is very clever and tried each time that our brother,s relations are not good.

In the last few years most of the brother have lost or damage in their business and are very and tight to pass their lives. My father has not a very good dealing with them and all the times are quelling with them.

I too have lost my job last year and have applying for various positions. In 3-4 cases i was interviewed and at last stages they companies rejected my cases. I am going to get loan after loan and all my assets are going to end. I am living a miserabale life. I offer Swalati Hajjat fro the last 6 months, but no improvement so far.

a number of friends think that a probably a magic which has prevented mt from getting a good job.

Please give me proper guidance to recover myself

Azhar said...

Assalamwalekum Wa Rehmatullah Wa Barkatahu,

Dear Brother, I require urgent help on my issue. My name is Azhar . I wanted to let you know about some issues i am facing for a longtime. I have a good job & good work experience, but from the start of my carrier i am facing financial troubles. Even my father & brother is facing the same issues,because of this our financial situation is not good. We all work hard & to one extreme level where is cannot be said that we don't work hard, but still same financial issues.
Brother i don't know how to cope up with this. Now it is very high time & all negative thought is coming to minds. I think there is something which i do not know about. Alhumdulillah i have started praying now but still facing this problem. Day by day it's becoming very hard to live & all negative thought coming to mind because of this my health is also effected a lot already lost a lot of weight.
Please brother help me i will be very glad that if you help me out in this.


Momana said...

Aslaam O Alaikum dear brother
in search of many questions of mine google suggested me your site many times.I have tried some wazifas for my merroage at a suitable place but now I think this matter have become chronic. because my enemies and relatives and opposit siders are keeping an evil eye on my marriage. by grace of Allah Almighty I am well educated healthy young and well cult still a suitable marrige proposal have gone an issue for me I think this is because of the evil eye of enemies. I have tried many wazifas but none of them is working as I desire.

If you know about any method by which a desire is never ever rejected by Allah?

at another site regarding ism e azam I saw two new things, naqsh wza krna ( creating naqsh of ism e azam) and azimat likhna( writing azimat for muwakil) if you know how to create naqsh of ism e azam and write azimat for muwakil of that ism e azam and my desire kindly update that at your site.

waiting for your reply

was salam

Anonymous said...

As salaam u alaikum,

Iam discussing few of my problems which i have been facing from past 2 months.
Iam often getting stomach pain n i feel like going for motion n urine very often showed to many doctors all the test evrything finished but i m still suffering very badly with the pain no tablets no pain killer will work when the pain starts,
Please help me on this


Santosh said...

Dear Amel Soname sahab,

I am writing from India and I am a doctor. Though I believe in science, and though i am a Hindu, I also have faith in other religions and also in supernatural powers of good and evil.

The reason for writing to you is, I have been suffering from bad luck, loss in business, got cheated, being jobless and homeless as well as still single though I am 37 now. I qualify interviews but never get job offers or business contracts.

I doubt that my ex-employees, my relatives and my ex-girlfriend have cast black magic on me and I am suffering bankruptcy since past 7 years now. Recently started with quarrels at home for no reason since 3 years. I also doubt of erectile dysfunction since last 1 year though I am not active buy may not be impotence.

I have symptoms like seeing stool/ faeces in my dreams and also being insulted and beaten by unknown few times in dreams. I have whole body itching and skin disease on left leg since 6 months.

Kindly advise in the name of supreme.

Thanking you

fatima said...

Salam alikom this fahima a Muslim girl I got ur website I am going w so many problems but the big issue is my marriage is not happening I am 30 years old because I hav black magic my aunt did 7 years age I try to removed it but never go away I am wondering if u can help me w this plz my English is that good sorry if miss some word

Anonymous said...

My daughter age is 13 she is always tired and ill

when she was eight-9 years old she is good in study and health but now after 12 year she is completely changed

she does not want to talk with us and also his 8 year brother

she want to alone and and she has now spectacles on her eyes and she has skin allergies that she is looking very ugly

i showed to her many doctor but waste i did not see smile on her face for a long time what she want i don't know

my brother daughter also ill but she is very active and intelligent in her studies

my brother wife always say that look to my daughter how thery are going a very good school i think her nazar is very bad for my daughter

and also my son has just recently got head injury by good luck he save but '
every time some thing happening in my life i have no house staying in rented home in hyderabad

my landlord also has 7 year son but he is very weak so they always ask to my daughter how he eat that he is very fatty and beautiful

is this house is good for me or some person has do jadu for my husband and my daughter and son how i know with simple home remedies in hindi my husband is also very financial problem


venkat said...

Saw your articile on making some one impotent and turning a girl into prostitution. Both seems to be happening to me. how can we get the relief? Please help.
I would like to keep my identity unknown.

Abdulwahab said...

Salaam Brother Amel:
I need help from this type of black magic. It appears as an animal, mostly a cat and crosses my path. Then I will feel heaviness in my chest, I will lost my job, loss my income, waste my money, etc. Can you help me with a dua on this?
Thank you