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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

So far, I have generally discussed about how the fraudulent practice of black magic is used to con a victim into marriage. (7.BLACK MAGIC HEX SPELL ON MARRIAGE .docx.)   There are some conniving people out there who try to kill two birds at the same time. So apparently it may seem as though a girl or a boy has fallen for someone and is desperate to get married. However, there may be more to this than meets the eye. Under the garb of undying love, sometimes secret plots are hatched against the victim through black magic, for filling one’s own coffers. To put it simply, certain evil-minded and avaricious people first target someone wealthy and then they play with the victim’s emotions by feigning love. Then with the help of black magic, they finally manage to trap the victim. So what is basically happening is that their primary motive behind marriage is greed which is veiled as undying love and the aim is achieved through black magic. It cannot get more disgusting than this!

The reason why some people stoop so low in life is that the concept of marriage differs between different people. There are people who do not adhere to the Islamic tenets regarding the institution of marriage. They do not bother to look out for those qualities in a boy or a girl which are advised in Islam.

Abu Hurayrah (ra) quoted Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) as saying, “A woman is married for four things, i.e. her wealth, her family status, her beauty and her religion. So you should marry the religious woman; otherwise you will be a loser”. (Reported by Al-Bukhari).
So the quality of a girl which should be the top priority for a boy, who wishes to get married, is her religiousness.

Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), “If someone with whose piety and character you are satisfied with comes to you, marry to him. If you do not do so, there will be trials in the earth and a great deal of evil”. (Tirmidhi)

Both the above mentioned ahadith have emphasized the virtues of a strong character and piousness. These are the primary qualities which should be sought while looking for a suitable match. Unfortunately, not everyone adheres to this Islamic principle.

Coming back to the main point, there are people who give priority to those qualities in their future spouse, which may be superficial and materialistic. A true incident, which depicts the conniving mindset of certain people, goes like this:

A family member once happened to see a taweez, which had been stealthily kept in a book. The taweez had gone unnoticed till quite a long time and it was finally destroyed after consulting a spiritual healer. It was found that the taweez had been placed in the house by a scheming family, which lived in a small house nearby. These neighbors not just wanted to get their daughter married into the victim household but they also wanted the victim family to shift to another city so that they could lay their hands on their vacant house, at a throwaway price. By using every trick in the book, they managed to get their daughter married and the victim family even left the city and got settled down elsewhere. However, as luck would have it, the scheming family could not lay their hands on the property because a powerful local had decided to buy it.   

This incident reveals the dark truth how people can be conned into marriage through black magic under the garb of love, although the ulterior motive can be money, property etc. This true incident which I have mentioned above also shows about how alert one needs to be because of such evil people who are constantly on the prowl.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...


I read your post here:

I would like to know if you help people who may be suffering from black magic and may have been diagnosed with cancer.
If you can't do you know some authentic person who could help in the case of someone diagnosed with cancer.

My wife who had in the past been affected by black magic and has been through a lot in life has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.
It was caught during an unrelated surgery and we were worried. Sought a lot of medical advice form the best doctors in the USA and they suggested to watch and wait as her cancer was a very slow growing cancer and she had not shown any symptoms.

We also saw a religious scholar who treats people spiritually. He told us that she was definitely suffering from black magic. He prescribed some things for us to do and duaas to recite. During all this time my wife started taking care of her health and changed her eating habits and started taking a lot of natural stuff. MashaAllah she started feeling well but during all this time she was also diagnosed having an ulcer. We did tests and it turned out to be a bacteria causing the ulcer. It was treated for 3 months. With all the medicines and her healthy eating habits she was feeling much better. But for the routine check for her ulcer it was found that the ulcer never went away. So they did more tests and we just found that she has a very aggressive form of cancer in her stomach. This news hit us like a big bus as she has been seeing cancer specialists all this time and they said that all her blood tests and overall health looks great.

We are very worried as you can imagine and concerned whats going on. All of this doesn't add up.

Request you to please help or help us guide in the right direction where we can get some help.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide!


khalid said...

Assalamoalaikum bhaijaan ,

I'm Assalamoalaikum bhaijaan ,

I'm Khalid Qureshi from India . Me & my family are badly suffering from Black magic , evil spirits since last many years.
Had someone else been in my condition , would have commited suicide long time back. Pls give me ur whatsapp no , so that I can share my problems with u in details. I beg of u to help me asap as v all r rotting.from India . Me & my family are badly suffering from Black magic , evil spirits since last many years.
Had someone else been in my condition , would have commited suicide long time back. Pls give me ur whatsapp no , so that I can share my problems with u in details. I beg of u to help me asap as v all r rotting.

Anonymous said...


both are of different nationality living in UAE together for past 8 year of our marraige Alhamdullillah,

But since last 3 years we are facing financial problems, since i left my last job with one of my friend started and i worked for him day and night and made a big empire sort of for him and for our self got nothing though i was paid on time and all was ok, Twinkle was not happy with me as i was the main incharge of the company and all the staff used to listen to me and respect me, she was jealous. Then I left this company as Twinkle started employing her cousin brother and her family member in the company.

My previous friend he put me in jail and tried to depot me back to india, because i left him and started this new business, somehow i came out and was working on my new project which i was not aware that im being cheated here also and lost all my saved money. despite working for this company i was not even paid and company got sold and the money was taken by the indian guy -Owner & Oren Hendriques -Company Signing Authority and their local Sponsor

Since last 2015 Im struggling to get myself a job or start a business as no funds left, my wife is Pakistani and i cannot send her back to her country and she is an orphan her father is no more, and its difficult to send her back as the Sponsor has her passport and he has not done her visa and not cancelling her visa also as he is saying he needs money which i dont have though i have paid him a lot for my wife visa and he cheated on us too.

Now im struggling a lot to get a job and to survive, Im getting offers and then getting rejected or the hiring gets stopped. instead people are giving me the appointment letter but still not keeping me, I need help for either to get a job or to start my own business. in small scale so we both can survive.

Please let me know what is wrong with our life has someone done anything wrong with us like Black Magic or hassad or nazar

Awaiting your reply

Imran said...

My name is Imran , I am from Bombay – India currently living in Dubai with entire family. I am facing very difficult problem related black magic on my entire family. We are having many problem currently and unwanted problem not getting solve even after we do namaz and quran reading daily. Below are Problem we are facing and not getting solve:-
No job since 25 years of life and he cannot earn anything in his life.
This are all the above problem we are facing and all the problem are not natural its abnormal situations. Hence need you support and guidance as what can be done to get the same prevented and have normal life. I even want to know if my family is affected with black majic??? If yes then who is the person???? How to solve the situation as well

Sundas said...


Sir, How would i know that i am under spell or something?
My name is Sundas .29 years and im a married woman.

I have became a patient of high anxiety due to which i am facing migranic issues, eye strain, back ache and these days itching on the skin that is not getting fine after vaccinations also.

Kindly help me in this regard that is my illness only related to my health or it is else something.

zahara said...

Assalamu Alaikum!

Am from Philippines, i read your blog about spiritual problem like black magic and so on, i really don't know where to start but months ago until am suffering about black magic but i don't know which one, its started from my fiancee who has a girlfriend her religion is christian, every night i have a nightmare, fear, other parts of my body gets black. my fiancee is also a Islam like me, now we don't have any communication, it seems that he hates me, he is under control by the girl..

i hope you can help me.. inshaa allah

javed said...


Priyanka said...

Hello sir/madam,

I m Priyanka
Me and my husband have been planning for child for last 2 years. We got married before 6 years.

We are consulting gynecologist for last 2 years. Yesterday we did HSG test as per Dr's reference and found that my both fallopian tubes are blocked.

I doubt there is someone who has done black magic of infertility on me. Kindly check and let me know the remedies. Moreover if anyone has done black magic on then I want to break it and come out of it. So kindly suggest me what to do? Also I want to know possibility of child.

Waiting for your response.

Abhishek said...

Myself Abhishek.I lost everything in my life.home;money;reputation;support;job everything.sleepless nights since the age of 17.my mother is suffering from knee pain and hand allergy.no medicine is curing there pain.please save me now I am 31 and I have a daughter of a year.i want to live.i have sister and she is also jobless.she is 27 and I don't have money for her marriage.I would have died but god gifted me my daughter after 4 years of my marriage.please cure me from this evil phase..

shakeel said...

dear bro amel
assalam alikum
bro it seem that i have stepped on sihr, i have body pains and feel i very tired
even when i wake up in morninig. i feel weak and i cannot fulfill my rights with
my wife. i am desperate. pl advice ways to break this sihr before it destroys
me. kindly reply

Ayub said...

Dear Mr. Soname

I was going through your blog and was impressed by the contents and information given.

Since you are an amel, can you help me out of a situation.

I have a married sister, younger to me.

Her first marriage got dissolved after 4 years of married life. She also could not bear children because her husband was deficient.

Then we got her married for the 2nd time. It is 2 years now and suddenly 2 months ago, her husband has sent her back home giving trivial reasons.He is not keen to take her back as his wife.

I am in a fix and not knowing what to do.

Guptan said...


I am Guptan from Delhi. My son has a severe black majic problem. Our son is a Doctor married to a Jewish (Russian origin) American girj in 2006. They have two children, one girl of six years and a boy of three years. Now they are divorced .(June,2015) A Baba told us that his wife's mother is the reason for their separation.

From 2008 onwards, she and her mother have been doing black majic on our son, My son lost 60 kg in 2008. Since marriage, he faced several serious problems and met with three fatal car accidents. The last accident was on 31st July,2016. He had a burn injury that is why I was with him at that time. It was a fatal accident , with God's grace, we miraculously escaped.
Because of black majic, my wife suffered a serous stroke (brain haemmhorrage) in August, 2013.
Our son had a horrifying and frightening experience in the night in USA. Next day he came to India and we met a Tantrik BABA in September, 2015. At that time only we knew about the black majic done by his mother-in-law.. His wife also knows. Baba told us that they are doing this through a Pakistani Moulavi using a Pretatma in a Cemetry.
We did many poojas/ havans for our survival since 2015. After the third accident, our son suffered a severe shock and he was with us.. We did many poojas/ havans and slowly he recovered from the shock.
He had to go back to USA on Dec.7 , 2016 for a Court Case because of the Car accident. After the case, he went to California to bring the two Children to India.for the X'mas vacation. . When he came back, his behaviour towards us is fully changed He is such a nice and ideal son . no words to describe about him. Now he isalways tense and very angry towards us. Baba told us that when he went there to bring the children, they did Vasikaran . Now he always talks about children and says he wants to go back to USA to live with the children. His in-laws and ex-wife continue to do black majic against him and he has no support in USA .
Please help us how we can come out of this fatal black majic.from which we are suffering . . Pl save us..

Omer said...


Thank you for your prompt response.

My issue is my wife has left our home after an argument suddenly. She has moved to her parents house. She has refused to return. She has asked for a divorce. I refused this and asked her to be patient as all marriages have ups and downs.

However she has refused to listen or talk to me. She has changed her phone number and I am unable to contact her. She has involved the police to stop me from even visiting her parents house.

My mother in law refuses also for her to return to me. As she wants my wife to divorce me so she can arrange my wife's marriage to her relative instead.

I have not seen or spoken to my wife for three months. She has not even contacted me.

This is very upsetting and stressful situation for me as I don't believe in divorce especially as I have never been a bad husband nor has she been a bad wife up until she started to listen to her mother who never wanted us to marry in first place.

I want my wife to return to me and continue the marriage and for her mother to mind her own business.

Please advise if you are able to provide assistance in this matter.

Jazakallah kher

nighat said...

Aoa ....I read your article about family and its problems .i m married from 7 year have 6 year old son but I still feel I need to work the way as much as in the beginning coz my husband doesn't understand what are my priorities in life and he give it no weightage .i have to fight for the things that make marriage happy and I get depressed for longer time ever than before as I m losing patience and quarrel some.we can't sit and connect with each other it felt like some one third always create it which is unseen but I m now suffering from this feeling that he takes me granted and expect all sacrifices that old women use to which I can't .coz of this lack of trust we can't not build solid communication ground for our battles and problems .i cudnt conceive second baby after my first child and after two years of his birth I got spine issues .kindly help me or at least give guidance .....needy !!!

sara said...

I am a married lady. 23 years have passed by my marriage. I have 4 daughters. Since few months, me and husband are getting into a number of conflicts. We run into arguments nearly over every issue. We did not have any close relations for three months and now things are getting worse. Can you please suggest whether I am affected by black magic or any such issue? I did experience night mares but these have stopped from a long time.

sahar said...

Respected Amel,
From past few years, I am sufferring from a number of health attacks. I get aggressive too quick over simple problems. I am seperated from my husband from past 5 years and he keeps bothering us in various ways. I am suffering from diabetes, blood pressure and sometimes my body gets too weak. Could you please help me identify my problem and suggest a solution to it?

roxen said...

Good morning

, I came across your details while looking for help. My husband has been taken from me and my kids by another woman it's been going on for too long now and I think she is controlling him and I have the backlash of negative energy amongst all the others they have set for me . I genuinely need help and I don't know if you can assist me with this

Dua said...

Amel sahab I have a very serious issue. I am very incompatible with my family and from a few past weeks me and my wife are getting into serious arguments. I get irritated, Impatient and begin yelling. My health is deteriorating. Whatever health issue strikes me does not leave. My body is mostly in pain and I feel weak and unhealthy. This sort of condition is with me for last few years. Please suggest what is the reason behind these continuous issues and whether I am possessed.

khalid said...

as salam u alaikum

i wanted to ask that i have been getting these dreams and believe it is blockages in my life. the thing is i have seen the person face on couple of occasions. i had seen a jinn 2 days after first dream. this dream consisted of the face i mentioned as i was about to retaliate to fight him he called upon these bulls with very scary faces very very scary, brown and white in color and there horns very pearly shining white. when i looked at the person he folded his arms and started laughing at me, the sight of the bulls charging for me woke me up. could not go back to sleep. ever since constantly felt presence of jinn, like there always shadows moving around in my room, and the once it came and touched me as i read ikursi it started laughing and after i read thee azaan it went crazy flying around the room. ive been asking allah in my tahajjud namaz to reveal the persons face of who is doing this and if i do have sihr put on me, and been having these dreams and this same face. is this the person i see in my dreams that i have asked allah to show me ?


Anonymous said...

After reading all your posts online, I found out that everyone in my family has been suffering from black magic symptoms for the past 10yrs. It affects us psychologically and financially.
Do you have the list of Wali we can contact to help us remove it as soon as possible. We will also need a protection against any future attack.
How soon can we be cured. It has caused a lot of damage in our life
Please, help.