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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

In the world of black magic, the enemy can try to take the victim’s life for different motives such as the wealth factor, vengeance, family feuds etc. Here I would like expose the cunning tactics employed by the black magicians, which often go unnoticed, and wreak havoc in the victim’s life.

Let us observe a few true incidences:
·         A woman was desperate to get her share from her father-in-laws huge property so she resorted to black magic to kill her father-in-law. Ultimately, she got a huge chunk of his property as she had wished. Her strategy was quite simple. A black magician had given her a taweez which was meant to be kept in something that her father-in-law used or touched often. She knew that her father-in-law had an antique vanity box, gifted to him by someone. Luckily for her, not only did her father-in-law use it often but he was so touchy about it that he did not allow anyone else in the family to touch it. She somehow managed to open it and hid the taweez inside. Her father-in-law soon fell sick and his condition kept on deteriorating despite medical treatment. Unfortunately, by the time his family suspected foul play, it was too late. The taweez was also discovered by a family member and just like the victim’s health the vanity box had also crumbled.
·         In another incident, the victim’s close relatives were his enemies but the victim had no idea about this. Pretending to be his well-wishers they gave him an entwined rope and instructed him to keep him in a safe place, away from everybody’s eyes. The rope was discovered after a few years by his family members and it was found that it was meant to destroy the victim’s business and to ruin his peaceful family life.
·         A victim’s frenemy had got jealous of him because the victim had succeeded by leaps and bounds. He consulted a tantric, who gave him a bottle of honey and asked him to keep the bottle in the victim’s house under some pretext or the other. The frenemy took the bottle to the victim’s house and offered it to him as a good luck charm. The victim thought that the bottle was a gift from his well-wisher and he unsuspectingly kept it in a dark corner as he was told by his frenemy. Soon after this one mishap after another started occurring and it was after quite a lot of suffering that the victim finally realized that he had been stabbed in the back.  

Many more such cases have come to light wherein the victim had been duped by someone close to them. The above mentioned cases highlight the truth that besides offering black magic laced food to the victim the enemy also resorts to the tactic of keeping something dangerous in the victim’s house.

With so much sorcery being practiced far and wide, it is not risky to accept gifts from strangers only but accepting them from such wolves in sheep’s clothing can also prove to be quite risky.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


khanqi said...

if you could spare some time to check if any jadoo is done on me , my husband and my sister, I am particular worried about my younger sister who is over 27 and not married mein apni bhein ka liye parashaan hoo meri ammi ki tabiyat teek nay rehti khuda rahem kare. ap ko Allah tala aur panjtan paak ka wasta hamari kuch is masley mein help kare, I want to see if any bandish has been done on her and if so how to remove it, i have been told that some bad jadu is done on me but dont know if its true or not and no one can seem to take it out seems like a tough one and the same with my husband (you have mentioned may ways and given lots of info)

sick and tired of different peers with talk and no action, we harm no one so what the hell is the problem with these crazy pple that would go so low to hurt others, i would really appreciate if u could help and will do many duas for u.

Anonymous said...

Salam alaikum,

I am victimized by black magic. My health and career is suffering. I have following health problems:rheumatism and fingers become stiff that sometimes typing becomes difficult similarly back pain and neck pain , tuberculosis, severe hair itching and balding, dark circles under eyes which are always itching, 6 teeth are removed and other teeth are decaying and sensitive, liver malfunctioning and bilirubin level is 4 which is not supposed to be more than 2, sometimes severe neck pain and and shoulder pain,leanness and loss of body weight, memory loss and i cant even remember names, nails blackening, facial complexion darkening, redness of eyes especially in late nights and early morning.sometimes pain n heart and ecg was done and reports were found to be normal. I always hear voices misleading me. Sometimes i completely forget the surrounding and loss consciousness these attacks happened 4 times for period of 5 months. I get illusion that I have psychic powers which is not true like i feel pain sometimes when i am approaching black magician. In addition i became completely allergic to food cooked outside of home like loose motions, however when i eat food cooked inside home then i have no problems.I want to know the medical reason for it from you. I have constipation also.
know who has done the black magic so that i would be careful with them in future. can you tell his name.

Sir I want to know the scope of the treatment. Anyway some damage was already like removed teeth cannot come back but atleast current teeth be saved from further decay and sensitivity. Similarly digestive system be restored. Similarly hair itching and baldness can be restored.similarly arthritis disappears. I am becoming physically weak will i become strong and my memory improve.


tariq said...

salam. My issue i lost my job past 8mnth then i had strage thibgs happening for more thn 15 yrs. Can u tell me whats wrong with me.some say its magic some say its finished.

Lakshmanan said...

Hi Sir,

My Name is Lakshmanan from Tamil Nadu(India). My nephew, who is 5 years old, is diagnosed with brain tumor on 26-Oct-2016. As per the neurosurgeon's recommendation, he had undergone the surgery on 09-Nov-2016. The surgeon told us that as much as tumor had been removed.
After 2 months, the kid started facing drowsiness, weakness and he couldn’t even walk and talk. So we consulted the doctor again and as per him one more surgery (brain shut) was done last week (on 24-Jan-2017).
We have already lost our happiness, the doctor said one more major surgery needs to be performed again and outcome can be anything. We are now facing extreme sorrow and we don’t want to do the surgery again.

Ahmed said...

Asalaam alaikum

My name is Ahmed and I am from Maldives.
Recently I have read through many of your articles and found out that by the grace of allah (swt) you have helped many people to achieve their needs. My story is below.

Me and my wife have been married for 7 years and we have one boy. Last year (2016) my wife asked me to divorce her and her reason was that i dont give enough time to her and she feels that i dont love her. But i do love my wife alot and lately i was working alot to earn more money because i come from poor family. After marrige we have been in my wife house.

At the first night when she told me to divorce her i cried and begged her alot to give me a second change for the sake of our child, but she refused to give me another chance. Till today I have still not divorced her and every single day i keep on asking her for a second chance. She is very stubborn in her dicission and doesnt not change her mind.

After 2 months she asked me to divorce her I found out that she had a boyfriend and they even went abroad on a office trip and lied to me that she was going with her boss. She doesnt respect me at all and doesnt even listen me at all.

Locally i went to a many spiritual people to find out what caused her to ask for divorce and those people told me that her new boyfriend had done a sihuru (black magic) on our marrige and to win her. And they gave me many talisman and upto date nothing has worked.

Now i am out of options and out of my mind, i have tried many many things but nothing worked on her. She has even filed to family court now and we have gone to court thrice now. I told her that i will not divorce her and i will wait till the last breath and will do anything to work on the marrige, but she told me she doesnt want me anymore and she wants to move on with her life.

Please help me to win my wife back and to gain back the love we had before. It has been 1 year now since she told me divorce her and i am struggling alot now.

Please let me know what i can do to win her back spiritually and to cancel the black magic that the other person has done on our marrige.

Junaid said...


I saw your blog so wanted a chat. I have possession and magic. It is witches and may be a witch and one ifrit inside me. I have been doing self Ruqya for a while, reading on water and drinking and have a Taweez. After much suffering Alhamdulillah the effects are now reversing massively but I can't break the spell nor kill the jinn inside.

many of the jinn that would appear before were whole clans, may be thousands in number. When I do Ruqya, three king jinn arrive and then go away. There is a witch who has her face covered also who comes.

Now my son is possessed but no one in my family knows- he displays classic signs such as waswasa, wanted to run around naked for no reason, laughing or fascination when seeing his private parts

Can you help

JazakAllah Khair

jameel said...

Assalaamu Alaikum,

After years and years of struggling , my mind , body and heart have given up. I am just too tired and at a loss for energy to even read my salaah. Let alone salaah with jamaat.
Feeling down one day after another business opportunity eluded me, I came across your blog.
I started reading the wazifahs you prescribed for block of rizq. And, Subhanallah , I have already seen some barkat in my earning.
That being said, like many others out there , I need your help. Over the years, through many amils, some genuine and some kaafir, we were told the same thing. Myself ,my family and extended family are affected. Our problem , we’ve been told is so intricate that when an amil works on one problem, 10 others appear, my mother , my mother’s brothers and sisters and myself have been heavily affected. All the signs you mentioned for various black magic problems are evident in our lives. Recently, my wife and I started severely quarrelling. We have always been very close, but we are fighting over trivial things. my children also have witnessed this. There’s so much I could say.

Can you assist and look into our issues and InshaAllah show us some solution to this problem?

Please note that even though amils had informed me about this problem , I have endeavoured to work hard for my rizq. Long hours , not shirking my work and really trying all still resulted in failure, my inability to prosper or succeed. I have reached that point where even hope is sucked out from my soul. And this I fear could lead me truly astray.
Please do help if you truly can

Ola said...

Asalamaleikun, my name is Ola and am 38 years female. I am African but in the UK at the moment trying to run away from all this evil but still no change. I came across your page around 2013/2014 while on Google searching for solution to why I have such delay in getting married. I did the amal 11times darood before and after 11 times surah Maryam. I don't know how to read the quran so I decided to download the surah and listen and pray while doing the amal. After 41days Allah answered my prayers and I started seeing changes. By changes I mean it's was like men just all of a sudden started noticing me, smiling at me and even sometimes asking me out. But to my surprise after a while the problem started again like the men don't even know am there. The following year I said let me do the prayer again, it worked again but after a little while the problem continues.

I have blockages in almost all areas of my life, even to get a job is difficult. People promise to help but fail me all the time that i dont even beleive anyone anymore who promise to help me. For no reason people would just start this envy towards me even with me not having a thing. I always have this believe that whatever Allah sets free can never ever again be touched by any evil. So why is it like this for me?

I play ruqya audio night and day in order to keep myself, whenever I sleep off without a particular ruqya I begin to have bad dreams, sexual dreams sometimes with males, sometimes with female but mostly with females.

Amel_soname so name please help me and Allah will continue to guide and protect you and all that is yours. Amin.

Sadia said...


I was reading your website and wanted to know if you can help me and my family.

We are all suffering from different symptoms and I wanted to know if you have a way to find out if we are suffering from a form of black magic or not?

I appreciate your help.

kosar said...

Salam Alaikum

Can you tell me what to read to see who has done black magic on me? I need to know as i have been a victim for years and need to get away from these devils if they are family/friends.

Firoz said...

As Salaam Aliakoon,
I came across you page on Black magic.
Would you know of a prayer, as my wife is suffering from swollen ankles with painful feet and legs. We have seen many doctors and all can not figure out how her condition has occurred or treatment.
Hope you could help.

Anonymous said...

Asalam plz I need the help of Allah of waiting for someone to tell me what's wrong with me and my family always sick sleepy tired everyone always fighting with the other about everything no marriage at old ages blockages of life no wreath money luck of job or anything in life .....you see everyone moving but you life is just sleeping fighting and feeling tired is not a life plzzz help what to do? What do u see?

Tapan said...

Dearr Amel Sir,

Salaam !

I am cursed with Black magic done with owl eyes as per my Hindu Tantrik, He said he cannot remove it, it can be cure only by Islamic remedies. Please provide me simple and quick 100% cure solution, Please revert back ASAP. I am in very big trouble, i don't have money, job, Children . My life is finished. Please find me solution as i don't have any money.

Anonymous said...

I will be grateful if you kindly help us by telling if my brother and myself is suffering from bad amal/black magic. Symptoms are as follows:

· Feel bored when at home.

· Brother also say he feel better when he is outside home.

· Brother start hating sister for last 8 years

· Other symptoms:

· Pain in body.

· Pain at the side of kidney

· All of sudden blood pressure raised though all the medical test are positive (doctor confirm the report all report ok)

· Unexpalined health problem

· Get isolated

· Body feel hot

· Have fear in heart

· Become impatienace

· Brother face is becoming dark day by day

· He get angary very fast and very badly

· Feel like going for bath room for urine

· Tends to forget things after placing them


There is a women who want to marry my brother, but my brother is avoiding her, she knows if his sister die then she can force his to marry him –

It’s a matter of two life’s pls, help.

Thank you and looking forward for your help pls. cure us. Jazak Allah. Allah shall reward you for this kind deed.

Asad said...

Peace be on you by grace almighty.I am Asad from Bangladesh.My family has been suffering from unusual problem.
1.young cute sister couldn't get married yet with proper person.Whom do we choose as a bridegroom that marriage finally got cancelled without any reason but whom do we don't prefer for her that groups insist or force to get engage them.
2.My beloved sometimes feeling badly pain in the stomach to chest along with headache moreover she got angry without cause
3.We are rearing two cows that best always attack newly disease
4.Our social bondage getting worse day by day every member couldn't match always use slang loudly.
5.I have been trying since 2011 to have visa i didn't manage yet financial condition isn't well.

In our area many musrik & black magician practicing shirk activities or make force to jinn to perform evil activity.Sometimes they offer sweets along with blood so on which is fully haram.Many familiar person suggest us to visit[locally called FAKIR] Being a muslim i never bow down to the demon moreover can't hold taveej
We are practicing muslim but recite the quran may not be perfect but younger brother can recite perfectly.Now looking for permanently solution
Pls let me know in details I am eagerly waiting for your response

Shafudah said...

Dear Amel

i have read your article titled symptoms of black magic. by reading
your work, i released i have the same condition. my headache started
10 years ago and never healed up to now. almost constant pain but
sometimes after studying i get even much pain. i did my eye test 3
times, MRI and CT scan 3 times and Neck scan lately but everything was
fine. now i am studying in Japan and i am finding it difficult to
concentrate. i am currently using anti epilepsy drugs and still not so

i hope to hear from you

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir , I really need your help , actually I got a severe headache everyday and alhamdoullilah when I read the symptoms of black magic I found your email . Sir , I would be really happy if you can help . I am a student and due to severe everyday I can't revise or focus well on my studies . Im on my Higher School Examination and I everyday I fight really hard in order I can revise but in vain . Please I request you to help me of this black magic .

parvez said...


I have found your web address and a post to cure from black magic through a website
My mother later discovered by asking some one that i am effected by black magic.

But who had done this and why they are doing we don't no.

I always have health problem even after doing so many medical examination the pain in my body is not going.

The pain had effected my work and daily life very badly.

I always pray to allah and recites verses for cure whenever health issues are there.

Please if you have any remedy for this or to recite any surah and verses of quran please share your knowledge

Also how do i identify who is doing all this.

jazakallah khair

Minika said...

Hello Respected Amel how are you?

Your page with wonderful remedies was mentioned much earlier, though i came across it now.

Hell has broken loose on us since 17 years and more.

I know u hear these complaints often but nobodys in a position to help us

Recentlt had the worst of attacks, miracle i survived, all of us are under attack.

Many people dont enter our lives to help, they turn us away.

Now its late, but i believe theres still g?hope and tge one above, Divine force may have made us talk so u cud save us?

Please tell.

Anonymous said...

Respected amel soname,it is to seek help about my pathology that is not related to physical or mental problem infact I have a problem that I have stopped feeling the same for life and life related activities, I have strange kind of feelings towards everything I feel lethargic and lazy all time,I donot have urge for life ,even my favourite activities seem boring and tasteless now. I keep lying in bed as nothing attracts me. I have left studies , donot find duty towards anything, I am thirty years old and unmarried. Please help me so that I may start reliving the life. I find it difficult to pray or perform dhikr. Please help me.

Thanking you in anticipation