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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

We have seen in the previous post that black magic spreads its tentacles in every aspect of our life. It is tough to identify a problem which cannot be brought on by black magic. The influence of black magic runs the gamut from birth to death. There is hardly any aspect of life which cannot be destroyed by black magic. From preventing the birth of a child to getting someone killed, the tantriks can do it all, provided they get lots of money.

As I have discussed earlier, black magic can be done even on a fetus for harming it. In other words, an infant can become a victim of black magic even in its embryonic stage. For the sake of discussing real problems faced by humanity due to black magic let us move on to the first stage of life, i.e. childhood. How can children become victims of this dangerous spiritual warfare of black magic and more importantly, why? After all, children are usually innocent and lovable. The sworn enemies of the victim usually believe in the maxim of, ‘hitting where it hurts the most’. So if the enemy wants the victim to suffer the maximum then he will try to harm his children. Due to this reason, children become targets of black magic. They are usually fed with ash of the dead which is furtively mixed into their food. The child grows feeble day by day and eventually dies.

Besides being subjected to black magic, infants are also made soft targets in other ways. Umpteen cases have been reported so far wherein children have been slaughtered as part of the black magic rituals, for appeasing deities. What is made out to be a holy ritual is actually a cold-blooded murder. In one such case, a tantric stole a child and beheaded him. Later on, he buried the child’s body at one place and the head at some other place, along with a photo of a deity. He got caught and on being interrogated by the police he admitted to have done so because the deity had appeared in his dream and had asked him to offer a child’s sacrifice. She had promised to grant him black magic powers in exchange. These types of murders are also related to black magic and they prove how horrendous this practice is.

It goes without saying that this grim scenario calls for strict vigilance and awareness about black magic instead of writing it off as a mere superstition.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...

Asalam alaikum ...
Im neelofar. I gt married in 17 aug 2015 .its lv marriage...but since my proposal i suffered alot ... after thn i got married my husband n my in laws are full time greedy people ... they need all their customs stuff .i fulfilled all ther customs...bt ther behav is so weird with me....said me gv gold stuff to groom family i did tht too.. i hv gvn 50 pairs of dresses to ther family but myw mother in law is so clever she did many dirty tricks ..sshe said to my husnad tht all dresses are so cheap n bad., all the things tht my paretns hav gvn thm are good but thy said they are not good etc etc. I lved 2 wks with my husband thn he went to uk. And i cm back to hyd to cont my residency ... since thn my husband is blaming me and my family tht u ppl are tricky clever greedy ..buy the truth is they are. They did very bad to me n with my family im suffering alot... hes all the time fighting with ne... but he was so good .i lved me alot.. but i dont knw y hes behaving so weird thn ... he is in full control of his mother w wht she said to him abt me .he is doin wht his mother saying.even his mother said to him tht daughter in law has to obey her mother in law wht she said to her ..she has to obey each n every thing.. she did magic on me.. since my marriage .. my menstrual cycle is irregular... i hv many gynecological issues but my every report is normal .im dr. 28 yrs old .. even my relation to my husband is not like as a couple when we were together :(( i dont knw y . plzz help me ..... me n my husband never ever said bad words to each other but my husband is totalyy against of me n blaming me using abusive words ...he never realize tht he is wrong ..

Anonymous said...

HELP ME MY LEGS BURN AND MANY OTHER THINGS ARE GOING ON THREATS THROUGH USING WITCHCRAFT MAGIC WIZARD ETC. EVERYTHING THEY CAN THINK OF TO SCARE ME GET ME R ARE K ARE SUDDEN D TO ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME I PRAYED TO GOD AND I FOUND YOUR WEBSITE FAST I NEED YOUR SERIOUS HELP. Bathroom spiritual snake my legs or ate up bad energy in every room 2 br 1 !/2bath dinningroom living room front porch parking lot mail box area trash can area no peace and they don't care that I know their hurting me in every area of my life health money luck church etc.

Anonymous said...

he has much power but maybe not as much as god have given to you he lives above me he stomp he do rituals on me he slam think at certain times night and day he has darken my face at times he make my body swell at times he try to take and change my voice heart beat legs health he want to be me he say he is jeaslousy of me I don't know for what he do hand things reading placing shoes and things against me evil and he try to curse some of my items of food he blocks my bowels he is making people he can get in to mind want to harm me I wish I could say this is in my mind it's not I don't how I have lasted this long if not for god I wouldn't have found your web I wouldn't be here and don't look like he plan on stopping but he try to fool me daily and I can't get him to let us both move on our own way he live his life upstairs with no hate and I do the same he don't want to just peacefully let go he is of the darkness now he is showing me, please answer soon

ghulam said...

Dear Sir, my problem is my joblessness - I am not getting jobs and if I get one with great difficulty and my best possible efforts - job will go within no time that too without any fault of mine.

Sir, I am penniless right now, and am ashamed of myself - I am jobless not due to my own fault but ALLAH Knows The Best... I am totally bankrupt and penniless....

Sir, I need permanent solution / cure for my deeni (religious) and duniyawi (worldly) ailments - mental, physical and financial.

Jazakum ALLAH u Khairan....

karim said...

Hello brothers i need help from black magic
I need some one to help me.

Shameer said...

My name is Shameer from South africa . I have used your work a few years now as a guide as have done a few readings on my own as thought to me by my late grandfather.

I am a mureed under Dawate islami however ask if you may be able to assist me, guide me, teach me on this path .

May Allah bless you in your work and efforts.

lubna said...

I pray for u when I m an big sinner. Sir where do you stay. Please say. I am an youngest daughter of my unlucky mother. Always I wanted to come up in life but never reached any goal. I m fed up of life because I can't solve my problems. Daily after my work I start browsing about quran and try to read stories of our prophet and feel happy.i have 16 years son. I want to make him well educated in both education and quran . Sir pray for our sake that we have to go in right way and cone up in life. I m middle class women.

Aziz said...

Dear amel,
Assalamu alaikum. I an Aziz. My coming wife is affected by black magic(Kufury Kalam) by one person. Who want to break our relationship at any cost. They have challenge to me that my wife will suicide within short time. I am recognized that my coming wife has changed and very misunderstood me. I want to cure from this. Plz I need your help. Have any place of you in Bangladesh where I can communicate. I am waiting for your reply. May ALLAH help you.

Thank you.

faiza said...

assalamualaikum Brother Amel Soname
For long time I have been suffering with a jinn that is very evil
i went on trip with family to Buffalo, in United States
and every since that say I have a sleep problem
First it was sleep problem for 2 years but now after that improved
I think the Jinn was in me but when i started praying a lot
i feel it left out of my body and i was able to sleep better some days

i told my mom about but she dont believe me
but I know it is real I keep hearing noises at night it seems to be really strong and very evil
when i would pray a lot of quran i would shake or i felt something leave my body like hot air leaving through foot or hand

but it keeps coming back to harm me at times i feel like i am going to be killed
or stabbed in eye with knife
i really have suffered a lot mentally, and with so much fear
do you have any advice
i need help i dont know what to do
especially at night this is problem
please help

justin said...

Assalam Aleykum akhi I'm very impressed by your knowledge, can you please tell me which books can I study and learn from to become somewhat like you... Jazakallah khair.

mehwish said...


How are you.

I saw ur on internet regarding kala jadu on putla. I want to tell you first that i am affected with kala jadu and i want your help to know that how to get rid of that.

Plz help me


hareem said...

Assalam u alikum : my younger brother 2003 suffer severe headache since 6 month , all test CT scan reports are cleared then we started dum from nearby masjid imam, with the passage of time, he seen a witch in different places of our home, he can't recite any verses even bismillah . Now his body continuous suffer with fits from a week, if we recite ayetal kursi or manzil, his condition become worse . one day ago blood filled 3 pads were found in our backyard that's also sacred us . kindly guide us, how to get rid of this situation

ZIA said...

Dear Sir,
I am in a very serious problem and it is a question of Life and Death.
Someone has sent a black magic spell on me of very serious kind with a JINN.
The JINN talks all the time in my ears and burns different parts of body and needle attacks.
My Life is in danger can you please help me.
My name is ZIA

Paro said...

Hallo jie
We are in a big problem
My husband has a problem at his work place
They will fired him

He worked 30 years
Hi is 3 weeks at home nou
Hi still has not signed

So you are aware of jinn
Jinn is the only one who can helpinin

Pleace help my en may family
I will thank you my wholle life

ismail said...

I want to ask you. Are you from malaysia

Amar said...

Dear Sir,
I have come across your site and found helpful information to cure black magic. I have been suffering from black magic since last 22 years and I tired various options to cure. But it is not getting cured. I have problems related to health, unable to sleep, always fear in mind, lot of problems in career, marriage related problems.
Please help me.

moshique said...

As salam wa alaikum brother

Recently i had a good job and my life was good and all of a sudden ive been hit with calmity...ive lost my job and i feel sick most of the times

Brother are you able to check what is wrong with me...and if so, what information you require


Shruti said...

Respected Sir...

I M a non muslim...but as u know black magic had no religion.
I read the article that u posted on black magic induced prostitution.

Sir ....my family is disintegrated due to black magic....n....that article holds relevant in my case.

Unspeakable things have been done ..n ..m helpless n clueless whom to approach...

Pl if u can guide me as to where to go n what to do....

waqas said...


I am to much frustrated,

no job, if get after too much effort, work ends and leave
No money
no marriage, problems come in it
I don't know why I hate to much my family members
To much pain in head, try to kill myself, why I am like this, high blood pressure
My heart is not in my control


I offer prayer 5 times in mosque with jamat
I am topper of my university but no work, no job for me.

Please guide me what I do?


laila said...

As salamu alaikum,
I have the suspicion that I'm affected by black magic, since I'm suffering from almost all the usual symptoms of black magic since years now and there seems to be no rational explanation. I tried desperately just to find a sincere god fearing person, who can tell me, if I am indeed affected by black magic or if not and instead just came across frauds, who took all my money and left me more devastated than before. I just found your website and hope that you are not one of them and maybe you can help me. I just want honest answers. At this stage I don't have any money left and I admit that I am completely hopeless. If you have the ability and knowledge to help me to find answers, you would do more than just a good deed, but an invaluable act of humanitarian aid. I also would like to mention, that I have treated myself with Ruqya, also with the help of my mother, for months, but unfortunately there were no improvements of any of the symptoms and I feel like it's getting really worse.