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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

When a child reaches puberty he is at a crucial crossroad in his life. The way his future shapes up fairly depends on the way he invests his time during this phase of his life. Religious and moral education, diligence, a proper goal and purpose of life, good company; proper parental guidance etc are the main factors which help a young person in keeping his life on the right track.

So, generally speaking, if an adolescent gets a good family environment, quality education and if he stays focused on his goal in life then these factors will surely help him to build a strong foundation in life.

However, sometimes all these factors fail to do the needful. This happens when a young person becomes the target of black magic due to someone’s envy, enmity or vengeance. Since adolescents have impressionable minds so it becomes easier for the enemy to influence them through black magic. The aspect which is usually targeted at this age is of education and there is a plethora of cases in the society where the education of the victims gets blocked through black magic. In such cases, what usually happens is that the victim faces a powerful psychic attack on the eve of the examination. Consequently, the victim may face an excruciating headache during the exam or in some other cases the victim’s mind goes blank while answering the questions. So what happens is that even a bright student can get victimized because his or her wisdom gets blocked through black magic

In other cases, the victim’s education gets totally disrupted due to some factor or the other. In an actual case, the victim’s education was blocked due to which his father fell ill suddenly. Since the father is the sole bread earner, so the victim had to give up his studies and take on the responsibilities of his father. In this case, the victim failed to pursue higher studies as per his desires and aptitude and was forced to manage his father’s business.

There is yet another way in which the enemy can settle scores with someone. Making someone’s teenage son or daughter sexually promiscuous not only brings disgrace upon the victim but can put the entire family to shame also.

The strategy used by the enemy differs from case to case. Through black magic, the enemy can either make the victim fall into bad company or they may make the victim addicted to porn and other sleazy stuff. Or else they can also increase the victim’s libido to dangerous levels. With the innocent victims being under a powerful psychic attack and evil thoughts being poured into their mind every now and then, they may have no clue about how to deal with their increased sex drive. If the problem is not identified instantly then there are ample chances that the victim may give in to their carnal desires and will end up with a tainted reputation, forever. 

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


kiran said...

i am a Hindu by religion. All my family members has got depression of black magic and they have become very poor. i dont live there. i want to help them. i have two Brothers and sisters and Brothers family all are affecting. can i reverse it with a black Candle and reversing oil.i have seen in youtube. nobody can do that because in my house i have been to school and can read and write. Tell me please and Another problem has happened to my brother that he raped his daughter but it is not true . his daughter and his wife lies. He is going to the Court on feb 10 . please tell me what to do

Anonymous said...

Hi i saw your website on the net i wanted to ask how many times does the victim have to recite surah kosar?

ahsan said...

Assalamu alaikum.
I am from Bangladesh. Me and my wife got married about 2 months ago. My wife’s parents were not happy with this marriage. We tried everyway to convince her to agree to our marriage. But as they tried to force her to marry with another guy, one day she left her home to marry me secretly. After marrying, my wife went to her parent’s house. From that day, she was kept room-locked and out of contact. I could not contact her anyway! I tried everything to contact her. Then about some days, my wife called me to say that she is giving a divorce. Her way of talking ensured me that she hated me! This girl fought for years to be with me. She used to be beaten. Within a span of 15-20 days, her way of talking just changed. She clearly said she hates me. I strongly believe she is been affected by some taweez or some sort of things to hate me. This has been 2 months, only 1 month is left for our divorce to get finalised. She loved me a lot. I love her a lot. But, I think now she is under sihr and thus she hates me and does not even try to contact me. I can not contact her even over phone. I can not get near to her. Can anyone suggest me a solution? My email is netkaj2015@gmail.com
Please if you got any remedy, let me know. Jazakallah khairun

Anonymous said...

Assalam olaikum
Sir,I really want your healing as after reading your blogs, I have found you the best healer as you have great knowledge.
Sir, my whole family- four of us have been suffering from 15-20 yrs.we are suffering from bad luck continuously and ill health too. I got married in 2010 and it ended up in divorce.my brother is also struggling from7-8yrs but not succeeded. We both are having bad dreams also and harrased by evil forces. Then somebody told us that we have been victims of black magic and there is some negative force behind all of us as we have gone to 1or 2 healers but of no use.kindly help us out for the sake of Allah.He will bless you.We are in dare need of your help.
Waiting for your reply

kawal said...

Asalam u alaikum.
Brother i came across your site and read the diff posts but i am totally confused what is wrong. For my problems Diff people say diff things some say its nazar evil eye some say black magic some say its other magic some say its jinn possession. There remedies are not helping whatever they tell. I cannot do all remedies on site mentioned because when i cant know cause how can i treat. Please tell me how to figure out if problems are due to any cause or all happening due to Allahs will.

abrar said...

Dear. saw your website. I am a gradute with design and
working for many years l. But my works is stopped till 1.5 year and my
travel outside the country is blocked. Whenever I apply for visa I get
rejections. Please help me if you can as I can't complete my degree in
Pakistan and have to travel abroad.

Tanzina said...


Hi my name is Tanzina and i m 28 years old......i not married yet..my family is looking for groom..but unfortunately 3 to 4 propals initially say yes after that it break down...i am really upset and disappointed day by day...i think some one did black magic on me...please help me..I need ur help...i want to get married...plz help me and tell me how can I get rid of this problem.

Firdous said...

As salam alaikum Dear Amel Brother,

I have read your posts and lke it very much,
uI need some god advice from you

I am going through a lot of trouble in my life since so many years and I am not happy anytime something going bad with me always, my marriage life has ruined me looks like some one following me to make sure I am not happy and not succed in my life,

I get so many good proposal but at the end they say no everything looks so good family everyone is so happy but it will not work, I don't know why, I always pray to Allah Tala to help me out of this situations I need to be happy and now a days I feel I ke I am depressed so much I cannot concentrate, I don know whats on me it shaitaan or jinn,

I have no respect for me from husband and his family, they hate me, I try to be very to them but still they are not happy and my inlaws are son onto doing black magic it look they did something on my husband he said he used to get hazari on him and his mother is the one who takes away jinn from other people by reciting something, I try to move on in my life and get marry to someone, I get so many good proposals but they don't finalize get close to everything but at the end they say no,

I am very distress I cannot sleep in nights, I am already 36 and I wanted to have my family and kids I am getting old and I am sacred that I wont have kids,

please help as soon as possible,

May Allah bless you for helping me,

Anonymous said...


I m married women with 2 kids i was happy with my hubby but from few years we struggling with health wealth and love relationship my mother in law was not happy with our marriage as our marriage is love cum arranged now we are not able to conceive also and my mther in law doing spell on foods this is my intuition what should i do to destroy spell on foods

waiting for your reply

aziz said...

Dear Amel

I come a cross your website I am suffering exactly what you been saying
I am blocked from marriage and work I think
I try always to pull my self from the bad thinks and something is pulling me
to do bad thinks and not the good thinks
I am 45 years old I pray 5 times a day alhmdulilah I can't find marriage
I want it to get married a long time a go but always something blocking me
please amel help me allah will help you in the day of judgement and grant you janet
paradise inshalaah


jazak allah

zahra said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

I saw your website on kala jadu. We have lots of enemies who often go to amils and jadugars. we recently found a talisman on our roof. My mother and I are always sick.My mother has arthritis and she's always in pain, and recently my hands, arms and legs feet have started hurting. every time we start something new, like education, financial sense mein tou koi na koi naee bemari shuru ho jati hai.for example we bought a car and when i think of learning to drive koi na koi naee bimari ho jati hai. i suspect they want me to stay physically weak so i can't become independent.also from 3-4 years i'm constantly ill. one after another sickness,same goes for my mother.our financial condition also does not get better. i have a step mother and many other relatives. of which two are the ones which wanted my rishta but i couldn't happen. so it's like i have a bandish related to every matter specially health, education, financial situation and physical and mental wellbeing. would appreciate if you can suggest some wazifa on this.

ayesha said...

dear Sir,

my name is ayesha . i am 32 years of age and i am having many problems in life. m unmarried too. i have been told by many people that there is black magic practiced on me but i dont know how to break this black majic from me. please help me in this respect.

Anonymous said...


With reference to the website , i read your article that if the black magic is strong to be reversed, it is better to take help of a buzurg who is well versed with quranic treatment and can order the devils to step back. Can you please give me reference contacts of any such people known to you or any dargah which is famous for removal of black magic.


FAWAD said...

Dear Mr. Amel Soname,

Assalam O Allakum, my name is FAWAD . I have just seen your website and I think now it is very important to consult with you in my matter.

Let me tell you about myself. Few years back I was a rich businessman. I have my house in Askari-10, cars, servants, factories, foreign trips and bank balance. A very intelligent and social person full of confidence. All a person dream for. I have 2 kids and a very happy family. A great partnership with friends in business since 2003.

Within few years, now a days, I have nothing even a 1000/-rupees. I am in debts, torn shoes, no food, no respect, no confidence, no friends and no relatives and nothing left. Partnership break, friends become enemies of me once they do not do anything without asking me.

I did not get any loan from bank on interest, I did not drink wine, I had no illegal relationships with girls not I am not a gambler. I am sunny Muslim and strong belief in GOD.

I am sure that my someone did some black magic on me. A great bandish in business and prosperity.

Now a days I am assisting my another friend in his business and doing marketing for his products on a bike. The bike is his. But as soon as I joined him and did some work for him, he is also now in crises due to me. Because I got orders for him and he supply the material now parties are not paying the payment. He blame me.

Mr. Amel Soname, can you do something for me to get rid of this situation. I can only pray for you from deep side of my heart.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Salam dear brother,

I am really enjoying your interesting readings these days , Masha-Allah Allah has given you beneficial knowledge.
My question: Brother all of your prescribed methods of burning jinns seem to give an idea that jinns can be burned if they come closer to attack the victim or they are present inside victim's body. My case is different. I was attacked by three jinns simultaneously three years a go, among them one jinn tried to kill me physically, but Allah saved me and killed that jinn on my hands within one month through reciting Manzil. After that the second jinn attacked the people who went to magician to get me killed, whereas the third one said to me that he is with me before them and he (or she may be) loves me and wont leave me. The magician saved his clients from the attack of second jinn and sent that jinn back towards me. Now I am surrounded by these two jinns all the time, but non of these two jinns dares to enter my body, but they keep throwing stones in my room and often I hear noises along with severe bad lucks in my life especially I am unable to get a job and get married.
Should I do Surat-al-Nass recitation 1000 times daily to get relief and for how long should I do this. Or you think there is another better and easy method in your mind for me.

And what are your thoughts on reciting 'Chahal Kaaf' do you have any experience with this wazifa? Will be thankful for your guidance as I am a student and still in a learning phase. Jaza-Kallah ul Khair brother.

aisha said...

Salam Brother may this Blessed month find you in the best of health and Imaan InshAllah

I have been experiencing headaches that don't go away with pain relief and I was wanting to know if you could give me some advice on this although Black magic is what we believe it's not always the case as mine r different I would like to ask your opinion Jazakallah

A Muslim Sister

zahib said...


I have picked up your details from the Internet . I would like your advice for the above Amal. Unfortunately I have been a victim of black magic and have had ruqyaa done. The problem went away for a while however it is back . Could you please advise me what the above is and what effects I should expect.

asif said...

Respected Sir,
Im asif doing my Phd at UM , Kuala lumpur, Malaysia. I got ur web address from one of your blog. We r so tense for my fiancee as her brother did black magic on her with the help of a magician from indonesia or most probably borneo side. She has got so much pain in her legs n now her whole body has started swelling. She did her MRI n CT scan and the reports are negative. We need some dua to cure her disease as she hasnt been slept from last 3-4 nights. Kindly help us

Efren said...

I just wanted to say thanks. I have long suspected my brother's may be due to black magic put on him. The events and details lead up to his sickness, unfortunately ive tried a few prayers that helped only temporarily and taken him to a couple different magicians that have tried but couldnt help. So now I just let my brother suffer who lives with my mom and she suffers. But reading this article has been the first recognition ive ever heard about, and feel like trying again. Do you happen to have additional info that could help me? Thanks for your time.

mohit said...

Sir. I m in deep pain by black magic ..my relative had put black magic on me .. Sometime I hear voices or whispering in my ear and constant headaches occurs . my exam are running ..I work very hard . but I go to examination hall . my head and mind become very heavy. Nd eyes become heavy ... Help me sir tomorrow is my next exam of b.tech and its my last year . i m brilliant in my studies .help me .