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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

In the previous post I have discussed about the black magic that is done on the children to kill them and how the innocent children are sacrificed on the altar to appease deities, as part of black magic rituals. However, the atrocities on children do not stop here. There are some other motives also due to which the poison of black magic is injected into the young, impressionable minds. One such motive is to con the young boys from affluent families.

This may seem to be a far-fetched idea to some but this is a reality, therefore, it is best to expose it instead of keeping it in under wraps.

Getting their children married is the responsibility and desire of all the parents. It is also the top priority for the parents to find a good proposal for their sons or daughters. In some cases, money happens to be the most important factor for the parents while choosing a groom for the daughters. Desiring the best for oneself is not a sin, however, if one tries to achieve the best through unscrupulous means, then it surely is. Lust for wealth, as we know, is the root of all evils. There have been numerous cold-blooded murders in cases where big property is involved. Lust for wealth can make people stoop quite low and one such way is by using black magic to con rich boys.

Let me explain this problem lucidly with the help of an example: In a recent case, an avaricious woman who was desperate for more money thought that the only way she could achieve it was by getting her daughter married to her rich cousin. She planned ahead in life. So, though her daughter was too young for marriage, yet she decided to have a powerful spell cast on her cousin, with the help of a tantric. Consequently, a boy of hardly 10 years of age fell into the trap of black magic for marriage by a greedy relative.

In order to quell such a spell it is imperative that the parents should take the help of a spiritual healer. However, before they do so, it is more important to identify the problem first. The parents should be able to understand that their young son is being targeted by someone for money. In such cases, the black magic is worked on the entire family. So it the parents are not vigilant in terms of black magic then they may be hypnotized and misled into believing that they are interested in that particular girl, whereas they may be having totally different plans for their son. So if they do not have any idea about how black magic is being used to con rich boys these days, they may never realize that they are being taken for a ride or are being duped by someone whom they consider to be trustworthy.

To avoid these complication, the parents need to be aware about all the possible symptoms of black magic. In some cases, the black magic victims are oblivious of what is happening to them but someone else manages to identify their problem due to more experience in these matters. So if a well-wisher tries to make the victim see sense, then the latter should pay heed to the advice instead of considering it as an intrusion into their privacy.  

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...


I suffer from magic and black magic everyday. There is a woman in family who does magic on me and other family members everyday, but more on me. I do read soraht Baqara everyday, but i can not do remove all because she does too much and many times in day. I have contacted many people, they ask too much money and can not do something.

The things that she does are:

1- block my work
2- block my luck
3- makes that people finish contact me
4- makes that we fight too much at home
5- makes that people disrespect me
6- if somebody ( a man) wants marry me, makes that he goes away and never come back
7- makes that people hate me without reason
8- makes that i become ill, pain in all my body
9- makes that i can not study …or work ( my brain does not work)
10- and many other things that i even don't recognize.

Please don't give wazifa that i can not do, just from quran.

Thanks in advance

A sister who does not know what to do

safora said...

I am 30 years old lady, completed 4 years of my marriage life without getting blessed with any any angel yet. Myself and my husband have gone every medical test and taken medical aid to a conceive child without any success. There is not a single problem detected in between us to be rectified. Doctors call our case as unexplained infertility. Keeping witness the Almighty Allah between us I request you to please make dua for me to become mother of a pious soul soon. Also suggest me what should I do.

Jawed said...

My name is Jawed l am suffering from a great bandish or sahar may be evil eyed etc. l want to get rid of this problem. Please help me in this regard.

shafi said...

Assalamualaikum Amel Sahab,
My father is very ill since past3-4 months. After doing a lot of tests, doctors diagnosed him with arthritis which is very rare in people of his age. Even after starting the treatment for arthritis, his condition is not getting any better. Its like no medicine is working oh him.

He was perfectly fine,used to do lot of work without any problems. but suddenly he is going weak day by day. We all are very much worried, all our money is just going in hospitals and medicines. it is like our house is under some evil spell. Can you please check if there is any magic done to him or in our house.

Jazak Allah Khair

Anonymous said...

I am and my mom,dad&bro suffering From Black magic since at least Last 25 years and from last 9 year,i am doing Zakar of Allah 24-hour-day,But can not get releaf from that magic done by a specific magician,when Zakar (of the name of Allah)Stop ,the condition become more Bitter,Why we can not get permanent relaf form that magic(Phalay main magic Reverse kerti the,Ab reverse kerna bhe chor dia hai, phir bhe magician baz nahi ata)
1-Face complextion become darker& darker each day,Pimples appear on face, face and body become terrible no attraction & i Look like a Old women (body vains appear&which become more thicker & thicker),& if i stop Zakar ,condition become worst.
2-Wishing to have a sex all the time & Hate Allah and rasool &Feeling very much difficulty in offering pray and maintaing zakar, specially with Job & MBA( college ki perhai ka doran bhee Zakar ki adat dal lee hai, bari mushilon main Hoon,kisi ko kuch bata bhee nahi sakti ,log mazak uratay hain even family member bhee specially Bro.
3-Pain in different parts of body like kidney,teeth,head,joints,stomach,liver problem,throat problem,Leucoria,breath problem,nouisa problem,Heart sinking,chest pain to me & my family.
4.Feel to go to the bathroom after a little time.(urine & motion problem)
5.Pink and red spot,funny lines on the body.
6. Feeling hungry all the time even whatever eat.
7.body feel cold& sometime body is on fire.
8.I hate my self & want to do suisite.
9.Head & shoulder become heavy
10.Feeling dizzy & black out ,laziness,Weakness for no reason.
11.My Nikah has Broken without Rukhsiti (Misunderstanding generate for no reason)
12.If i do not maintain Zakar ,then probably we will kill each other.
13.Money and thing losted from one place and find out that thing after few months from same place
14. 9 year Before I see my mother walking in a Gali in my home with open spread hair , at that time she was actually working in the kichen and same like event happen daily at that time but after starting Zakar no such things happened
15-Listening Voice like at home from the other side of wall ,talking about my self but actually nobody is there.
16- ,etc

When i get complete rid of this situation ,Now i get tired of this situation,Please do something

Faraz said...

Salaam Alaikum ,

Hope everything is well , As i have been reading your blog i find it of vast knowledge and benefits for who uses . I have been looking for answers in many places but have still not been able to Diagnose or Heal my self from the situation i am being tod by many have told me that i have been hit with very heavy evil eye and when ever ruqya is read upon i have reaction's but not that of a sihr or jinn possesion but i have movements under my skin , heart pounds harder as if something is on it , feet feel like ants are roaming , on the back a particular spot it pains , bad Dreams etc

Please need your advise on this it will be of very much helpful

Anonymous said...

Salaam amel_soname
I have major problems. Including bad luck. Health problems. Financial problems. If u could take a look at my root problems. Also I want to sell my late brother's property which I believe someone is trying to block me from selling. Waiting for your reply

haider said...

Assalam o Alaikum

I need your help regarding an issue. Actually my mother is suffering from magic. whenever she puts her money in her bag or some where else in the house, the money disappears. Its been happening for almost 8 months and she is reading different Surah (Yaseen,Muzamil, Jinn) of the Holy Quran to get rid of this problem but she has'nt succeeded yet. Kindly help us to get rid of this problem. I will be grateful to you. Looking Forward. Allah bless you.

Ali said...

Respected Sir,

My name is Ali , I live in Karachi,Pakistan. I am 29 years of age, single and living with my family. I got your website regarding black magic. I was browsing about black magic because someone told me that i'm the victim of black magic so i red stuff on the internet and found out that i have almost every symptom of it.
I was a dear fellow to everyone and a respected person with dreams in my eyes and famous till the age of 20, suddenly i got migraines and not some regular migraine but serious migraines with no possible medical cause any doctor could find. Alhumdulilah i'm over migraine by the grace of Allah but now no matter how hard i try, whatever i do i cannot get a job, i don't even have a 100 rupee of my own and not even a respectable person in the family. I do prayers regularly Alhumdulilah.
My letter is to you is my last resort and i have a strong hope that someone is there who can help me.So please do write me back i really need your help. I will tell you more about me n my condition if we establish a conversation.

Sarah said...


My husband left me and staying with another woman.. The person who loved me the most and was not able to live without me today is staying wth some other person..

His name is ravi kiran.. he does not call me neither picks my call.. he is totally in trace of that girl.. I know her intebtion is only money..

Kindly suggest

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir,
May nay aap ka blog read kia hay..i m just impressed , i have some problem in my Home,
1. My younger sister he is studying in college
2. She is facing the Jin problem, But she dont harm anyone
3. One man came our home he found Old Lady
4. She is living in Our house and She Attacks on my Sister so she Mostly Staying With her.
5. We all feels Becoz she walks like old lady..she talks like old lady when she have problem
6. Can you please guide me how can i Get the Proper Solution???

bushra said...

asslam alaikum amel sahab!
I read your blogs and suggested to discuss this matter with you..
I want to ask about my friends who are suffering with many problems
their parents had been died in the month of january and a maolana sahab has told them they have been died because of black magic.. and the black magic is also ongoing on their children and home too..thier small daughter become scares at night and feels black out 3 to 4 times a day and aiso suffering with many more..
they also think that this magic has been done by their bhabi her name is Nadia...they are so worried please tell me is it true?

Anonymous said...

I also want to share that my whole family is in a financial trouble.... we have lands but yet its unsufficient for our financial needs my brother also not having any job... 1st my father felt sick still he is sick now i see my mother also feeling sick i think due to problems... my one brother is special kid... i feel that in our relatives we are in the eyes they always focus on our life and i have doubt my father is trapped on taweez nd bandish because none work accomplished by him.... he is also disappointed from his life my mother also suffer a lot in this home. Day by day we are going down financial nd our relatives do devil eyes to us and feel jealous they don't want we be successful in our life. I want to be helped from Allah i want to seek him...

Anonymous said...

I read your article in regards to having black magic put on oneself. I can not pinpoint on who did this to me, but I do indeed have it on me.
I was christened Lutheran & raised Protestant for religion. I read the LORD'S PRAYER daily along with PSALM 23. I also anoint with anointing balm that is from Israel & blessed by priests.
All I can tell you is that my father passed 23 December 2009. When that happened, I experienced so much grief that I could not function. I have never lost a family member(if I did they were not ones that raised me or lived nearby).
I have never been able to handle death. I have never been able to deal with the death of one of my pets or one of the dear Arabian horses that I used to raise.
Yes, my father's death hit me hard.
I worked as a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service for over a decade..I ended up quiting...I stopped going to work so I would get fired ..then I could draw unemployment. I psychically & mentally could not do my job anymore.
Out of the blue..I met a fellow & was married within 2 weeks. He was not , how can I say this...someone I would associate with on a social level. A very creepy, drug person. I found out later..love spell. I am ignorant on black magic.
The entire family had me at their disposal. I lost everything..especially respect for myself. The love spell wore off after 2 weeks..I didn't know about it..all I knew is I took a vow to God & swallowed my pride..just suffered. Watched everything thing I worked for be pawned for drugs..all for his family. Wasn't allowed to even drive my own vehicles as he made sure they were disabled. Psychical & mental abuse was daily.
I stayed with the abuser for about 6-8 months..but it took 3 times of filing for divorce to be finally rid of him. He even put my last name for his middle name.
Almost 4 years later ..when the absolute divorce was granted..I would say 2 months later..he made the papers as child
All I can say is ...I have had darn near every symptom for the black magic. I have had 5-6 exorcisms...
I need help. I did not ask for this family to come into my life. I delivered the parents mail for a decade..saw that creep one time..and he creeper me out.
Please help me.

Shuja said...


I am Shuja from karachi. My problem is that my business is not working properly at all. Secondly my body is also not in good condition at all. My body structure is like skeleton these days only bones left. Same goes to my father condition.Our condition is very worst.
I have seen you on the internet so i contacted you regarding my matter if you can help me out in this matter. If you could send me your Cell no that's is very good for me to contact you.

Wentana said...

Asselamu Alaykum

I came across your page as I was reflecting on this du'aa which I recite after the obligatory prayer.

I then remembered the Name of Allāh Yā Salām
اللَّهُمَّ أَنْتَ السَّلاَمُ، وَمِنْكَ السَّلاَمُ، تَبَارَكْتَ يَـا ذَا الْجَلاَلِ وَاْلإِكْرَامِ
When I googled this your page was one of the result.
Incidentally I have been ill continuously since November and recently I have had strange lumps absesses appearing on my armpits and groin.

I have sought medical attention and I am currently taking Penicillin and have done one blood test to rule out what the factors may be. However Allāh keeps on inspiring in my heart during salāt and reading of Hizb ul Bahr a litany of Abu Hasan As Shadili that there may be more to this.

I looked at the list of symptoms and some of them I can confirm but it could be the effect of infection in my body causing similar reaction as symptoms of as Sihir or Al Ayn.

Alhamdulillāh I am not turned off Adhān and Qur'an but I know something does not feel right .

Would you be able to explain how you as an amil can verify or rule out As Sihir?

Jazakallah Khayr for taking the moment to look at my message.

Adeena said...

Aoa. My friend suspects that someone had done black magic on his family to get his parents separated. If I let you know all the details, can you tell if it is black magic or not?

Sofiyah said...


I was going through your website and my husband is going through all the symptoms mentioned. I don’t know how to cure him. His having severe headache...
Please help??

Shahnawaz said...

Dear Brother,
Salaam alaikum,

My wife is dealing with the problem of black magic being cast on daily basis many times of the day.There are people (hindu pandits) doing pooja (anushthan) and sending evil devils for creating problems on her.

We have been to bujurg dargah in kaliyar and others in UP, but no cure until now.
We have lot of taweez being given by so many babas, but no cure.
she listens surah rukyah daily as told by some people.

The same is happening with my child also.

Please suggest something.

Jazak Allah

saimon said...

i am dying day by day and becoming crazy. my health become very bed after marriage. my marriage date is 4 year. after the marriage my health condition becoming very bad. drs report are all normal. every dr are unable to find out any deasiese. i am dying plz help me . everyone treate me like a dead body .my marraige life and everything is just destroying . i would dia . what wrong with me. plz save me . my name is saimon .